Friday 28 October 2011

Frootbats and Flying Ears on Friday

We cannot believe that it is already Friday. We have had some very nice days this week but it's misty and a bit grey today. The autumn colours are particularly lovely this year, with more red than usual (we generally get mostly yellow and brown).

But I digress... Friday is Frootbat day! I will kick off today with one of my rather razor-like bats. The photo is of course dedicated to Lady Catherine Bastet!

And here are some rather fetching Mama-Tama-Bats:

Glowing Sei-Bats:

And oversized Gen-Bats!

Plus, of course, one pair of Flying Ears!

or rather a whole flying Tommy!


  1. We think your furs will go very well with the autumn colours! And you still have sunshine - how lovely. Our catio has been grey and damp and chilly - we've been insdie most of the time and love having the sauna switched on so that it warms the house up.

  2. Nice bats and flying ears, efurryone. Did you get yourself a lady suitor, Bibi? How exciting! Have a good weekend.

  3. What great flying ears Tommy. As for the rest of you we lover your froot battiness!! Hope #1 enjoyed her massage yesterday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. The only one in our house with frootbat ears is Tanaka :) We love your ears furry much and of course we are always happy to see Tommy flying as we hardly ever get to fly here.

    the amigos

  5. Lady Catherine Bastet extends her compliments to Sir Bibi-Chan, and flutters her whiskers at him. ::blush:: These are totally charming pictures of stunningly beautiful kitties and the woofy-Tomm thanks to the talent of their staff member #1. Lady Catherine's chief of staff once was slave to Abyssinians who, sadly, are all now at play with noble Ikkuyu, loving and adventurous Sen, and sweet Yuu at the Bridge. She has been following this blog daily since Bibi was hatched and feels she knows them all so well, thanks to the talents of their #1.

  6. Lovely frootbats all around and the flying Tommy is always a welcome site.

    ooh, Bibi-chan, your Lady Catherine Bastet sounds quite the coy flirt. :D

  7. I'm beginning to feel left out - my human never has me participate in this meme. And I've got the ears for it!

  8. You all look simply irresistible!
    Hope the sun continues to shine for you over the weekend. We have rain here :(

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Lady Catherine again, feeling badly for paying no respects beatiful Queen Tama, and lovely gentle Sei-Chan. Each being at Poupounette is special to me in their own way, although we find Vidock rather daunting in his sizable handsomeness. :curtsey:

  10. Your home has one of the most fabulous Frootbat collections we've ever seen. You could teach a class! :)

  11. I can't get enough of your photos. All are so beautiful. :)


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