Saturday 15 October 2011

SEIturday's Snoozus Interruptus

It's definitely getting more autumnal around here. This morning, it was only 3C (40F) when we woke up! But it's nice and sunny and we have lots of sun puddles to lie in, so no complaints.

I was having a nice little rest in the bed in the guest room...

... when you know who turned up...

I had to speak harshly to him!

So I could get back to my snoozing.


  1. Sei Chan you look so cozy under the covers!!

  2. Sei-Chan it was 3C here this morning too but like you we have another beautiful day. Dare we guess that Genji turned up to disturb your peace. We hope you got another snooze before you had to get up for brekkie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. 3C must be furry furry cold. We do not know what 3C is like as we live near the Equator. Its always hot and rainy here. But we KNOW what a nice snooze under the covers is like and we all love that here.

    the amigos

  4. Oh you are SO adorable under the covers and of course, you-know-who will show up! Inquisitive is his middle name. xoxox

  5. We know what you mean - sometimes we have to speak harshly to our little whippersnappers. But not often when there's a camera around....

  6. Sei-Chan that bed looks so cosy! Genji is a tag-a-long little brother.He looks up to you! He might make a good snugglebuddy if you give him a wee chance...
    The sun is brilliant here in Vancouver today too:) We are planting some autumn plants in our garden then we'll troll the big forest with the humans.Have a great day!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  7. Sometimes I think kittens don't know the meaning of "rest!"

  8. My sweet, I'll come over and stand watch whilst you sleep. Genji will SOON learn the definition of "crazypants"!

    xx Maui the Defender

  9. 3C! Brrrrr!! It's a good idea to rest in bed, under warm blanket... :-)

  10. We are all loving the cooler temps here and can't wait for snow.

    Three of us have to commiserate with you, Sei-Chan - we know all about the energy of little brothers who never seem to want to sleep.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Oh Sei, be patient with the little one. He's an outsider just looking for someone to love and love him in return. Poor little fellow.

  12. We think you put him in his place! He's gotta learn naps should not be interrupted!

  13. That looks so comfy and cozy! We hopes you got sum good rest after you spoke harshly to the young one!

  14. Hello Sei-chan!! and also the rest of the pack!!
    looking very comfy there under the covers, think i'll get back to snoozing too!
    Enjoy your day!!


  15. Hi sei chan!
    Are you sleeping or playing or fighting?
    Our place is also getting cold .
    Take care! Say hello to your wonderful family!
    日本の友だち マチルダ

  16. It's the most bootiful day of the whole week! *sigh* *swoon*

  17. There's just no respect, is there Sei-Chan?

  18. Those little babies always like to come along and try to ruin our fun, huh?


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