Monday 25 July 2011

Manly Monday

: Today is my Big Day so I get to go first. Yesterday, I got a fabulous spa treatment of shower and shampoo. I was a bit scared at first, and it tickled, but it turned out to be really pleasant!

Then I got put in a stall filled with fresh hay so I wouldn't get myself all dirty again. Right next to me is my BIG big brother, Tom. He is very cool and I get along really well with him:

But across the way is a three-year old colt who is also being shown tomorrow. He is called Univers and he is "a bit of a lad" so he and I had neighs...

He was desperate to come over and bite me but he couldn't! Hehehe!!!!!

Tom: I have been spending a lot of time over at Vidock's place too. It's fun to just sit and watch what's going on:

Although it occasionally gets a bit repetitive...

This morning, I also got to spend a bit of time with young Fernant. It had been a while... Look at how big he is!

Oh, and #1 wants me to tell you that I am back to eating normally now that I am home with my kitties. I guess I really missed them.

Bibi-Chan: Here I am supervising young Genji:

That kitten is really something else. He spends his days tearing around and then steals everyone else's food! Which leaves me no choice: I have to go and steal his Baby Cat dry food!


Gen-Chan: So what if I steal everyone's food? I am always hungry! #1 says she has no idea how anything that small can eat that much...

Anyway, here is my first officiel mancat-in-training photo:

Posing is very tiring work.........


  1. I have missed so much! I have just been reading back and distracting Misery from her ironing. Must go now but Welcome to Genji, and glad that tommy is a) home and b) better.

    Misery looked at the photos of Vidocks hooves (Twinkletoes) and thought of Hucklebones :) whoever he may have been.


  2. Good luck Vidock. You look fantastic.


  3. Vidock you lock marvelous after your spa treatment and Tom is very handsome guy too. Good luck in the show ring.

    Tom, glad you are eating normally again. Fernant is getting huge.

    Bibi and Genji you are both so cute. We likes to eat out of the wrong bowls here too. It drives the Mom nuts.

  4. We are all rooting for you Vidock. Good Luck.

    the amigos and san

  5. All that gorgeous manliness is overwhelming, we think we need a nap now. Paws crossed for the show today, Vidock!

  6. Oh noes - our comment got eaten!
    Gen Chan - posing is the toughest part of the job! Good luck to Vidock and all his "neigh"bours - tee hee!

  7. Good luck to Vidock today! We are rooting for yoo.

    Great pics today too!

  8. Vidock, You are cool ! can handle the water, I'm not ! I'm scared till dead ! and paws crossed for you !

    Mr. Gen, as long as mommy feed you, you got nothing to worry..Enjoy your food : )

  9. Oh my goodness, look at all the manly handsomeness in one post!! Vidock, we don't know anything about horses, but we are in awe of how beautifully you have grown :) And little Gen-Chan, wowie are you cute!

  10. Good luck, Vidock! Tommy is as handsome as ever and young Fernant surenis growing so is litt en Gen-cha! He looks almost as big as Bibi-chan in that one photo. Must be trick photography. And keep up the good work, Bibster!

  11. We think you are look very smart Vidock and hope you do well. Glad to hear you are feeling better and eating well again Tommy. Genji is learning fast that if someone eats his food its only fair you eat theirs!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Good luck Vidock, we are all haffing our paws crossed for you! Gen-Chan, you are looking great -- enjoy all that food and grow up big and strong!

  13. Vidock I think you will do excellently! And Bibi--snoopervising baby cats is a lot of work. Did you get your snoozes when he wore out?

  14. Good luck Vidock! We know you will do well and that you will knock them dead with your good looks!

    Genji...keep stealing all their food. It keep everyone on their toes!! Mwahahahahaha.

    the critters in The Cottage

  15. How exciting, Vidock! I can't wait to hear a report about how you did!

  16. Wow! Genji is such a different color. We really see it when he's with Bibi. Tommy, make sure you keep about a little kitten chow?
    We have everything crossed for you, Vidock...and we don't like baths, either.

  17. Vidock you look great and good luck. I loved all the pictures and Tommy you look so good. Hugs GJ xx

  18. Looking good, Vidock! Good luck! Ah, kitten food, seems all grown cats luf it! Yummy! Kisses to sweet, sleepy Genji. Purrs.

  19. What beautiful furchildren!!!

    Mom Paula

  20. Looks like you guys have been busy!
    What a cute baby!
    It's too hot here to do anything!

  21. Pawesome Manly Monday, boys!!! Lots of luck to Vidock. By now, your showing is probably over - hope it all went so very well for you and #1. You look stunning after your spa treatment.

    Tommy, good to be home, isn't it? And look at how big Fernant is - hope he didn't get you racing around too much.

    And kitties - too cute - AND handsome.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. So much going on around your place again!
    Well, no wonder Vidock was a bit unnerved at first! That man is directing a water jet at his...ahem...undercarriage! We are sure the beans wouldn't like to start their showers that way.
    Fernant is growing by leaps and bounds! We hope he will mellow a bit so he and Tommy can play a bit less vigorousy.
    Genji's first portrait couldn't be more beautiful! But then, how could it be anything but!
    All of our love to you.

  23. Vidock is having one good spa treatment
    Benny & Lily


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