Thursday 28 July 2011

Tama and Tommy on Thursday

: Our posting is a bit discombobulated this week, so we thought we would do a joint "T' post today.

Here I am this morning, supervising young Gen-Chan at play:

I am happy to report that this came just after a lengthy Zoom-Grooming session with #1. Major purrs!

We are all enjoying being back to a more normal routine. I have been having some lovely naps in the comfy round bed:

And also keeping an eye on #1:

Tom: #1 keeps telling me to be careful still, but I really think that my leg is all well again. I have been enjoying the most wonderful zoomies around the field!

I also wanted to tell you that, on my last day with my family in Normandy last week, the sun came out and we had a pond party! It was awesome!
The girls jumped right in...

And so I did too!

Although #1 did also snap this rather urchin-like photo of wet me the other day!

On the subject of Toms, I wanted to make a mention of Vidock's BIG Tom brother. He went to the show on Monday too and also did well. Here is a photo of him there:

He is two years older than Vidock, so that gives you some idea of what Vidock will look like when he is almost fully-grown.


  1. Tama, I have exactly the same bed as you !!!! and I love that bed too : )

    And Tommy, a pond party! is so cool,but you know? Not for me ! Whatever it's so fun for you, But repeat..Not for me !

    Vidock is handsome, and mom always love his hair do, Mom used to paint the horse which quite similar to Vidock,but she did a bit surreal. We have that painting in our living room. It's really huge and long across the wall, I put the link here just in case you may want to see , please click here Horses

  2. Tam, I am dictating this comment from exactly the same bed as you are in! :)

    Tommy, we're all so happy to hear your leg is feeling better. Did you know when I was little a nickname my friend Greta gave me was 'Urchin'? :)

  3. We love your wet look Tommy - we bet there are lots of ladies out there giving you the eye! We hope you leg is all better now so you can zoom. zoom, zoom about.
    Tama-Chan we love your pictures today - you always look so "lady like" unlike us!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Grete here!

    Tommy, the urchin wet look is pawsome! I of course would NEVER join the pool party...water is not my thing, but I still would have liked to be there watching all of you swim.

    I think I would like to lick all of your kitties. I think it's ok to say that, right?

  5. The pond party looks like a blast! (not our cup of tea, but fun for Tom and his family!)

  6. We luf your bed! It looks so comfy and cozy. Glad all of you are gettin back to routine. Haf a happy Thursday! Purrs.

  7. Vidock will be a big guy when all his growing up is completed!
    Tommy, we think you look sweet dry or wet and a pond party sounds absolutely fabulous in the pups eyes!

    The kitties look happy and it seems as though they are adjusting nicely to the new bundle of joy!

    the critters in The Cottage

  8. Hi all,
    There is lots of news at your end! Lovely bed, Tama, looks very cozy and similar to my new bed.

    Tommy, it is good to hear your leg is well enough to zoom around and you went swimming too.

    Vidock, your brother is big and handsome, but in no time you will be as big but, of course, more handsome! Congrats on your win!

    I want to thank all of you for sending me good wishes, this helped me get back my sight enough to get around on my own and for that I am very thankful!!


  9. Thank you for the update. Glad to hear youngster is fitting right in. Mom loves you guys, all we hear are oooooo's and aaaaaa's
    Benny & Lily

  10. So good to hear that you are doing zoomies without any problem, Tommy. But let #1 be the best judge of how much you can do. Somehow or other, they always seem to know best.

    BIG Tom really IS big, but so handsome too - love that braid in his mane.

    Happy napping there, Tama.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Tommy you always seem to be having so much fun. :)

  12. It's hard for me to believe that Vidock is actually going to get even bigger - wow! Horses are amazing creatures, almost as amazing as we kitties!

  13. Lovely Thursday in Poupounette land :D

  14. Tom, If #1 says that you should still be careful, maybe you should be! I imagine that you're as hard-headed as our R about zooming though. Take care, sweet boy.

  15. That's a very good set of pictures for a Thursday. Pity we never got to view them until Friday - Äiti is just not working hard enough to keep us commenting promptly. Belated happy Thursday


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