Friday, 20 August 2010

Flying Friday!

: Our iPhoto is acting very strange today, so we are keeping paws crossed that we will be able to load the photos we want before it goes terminal.

So, I bet you have been missing my flying ears! Here are a couple of pictures for you:

Sorry they're not cropped properly, but we haven't been able to do anything much on that front.

So, on the subject of flying.... Yesterday evening, #1 and I went for our walk and I was doing my usual thing, running after my ball, with her following. And suddenly, she looked over to the East and this is what she saw:

Isn't tha cool? The two hot-air balloons looked so peaceful and lovely in the clear evening sky!

We don't have proper frootbat pics of the kitties today but this little guy from the horse show that #1 went to last Sunday was wondering whether we might include him? We all said YES!


  1. Oooh, I would love to go up in a hot air balloon!

  2. Oooh, a fruitbat horsie! Cool! Those balloons are beautiful, but I believe enoying them from down here is more my speed than going up in them.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. I would like to go up in a hot air balloon too!

  4. Fruitbat horse - that's a new one -can cows and sheep be fruitbats too?
    Loved your flying ears Tommy.

  5. Oh those hot air balloons bring back memories! It is such fun but sooooo expensive! I dream on (thanks to your photos).
    Tommy looks so happy with his ears flying.
    Sorry I've not been around to the blogs lately.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all.

  6. How great to have seen the balloons!

    Just a thought about your iPhoto: I have had some glitchy things happen to my Mail program calculator, and Safari, but only in one user account (mine)- they are fine in other user accounts. You might be able to set up a new user account and reimport pictures into that account (burn to a disk or external drive), or at least start using a new user account for new pictures. It's nice to get a fresh desktop too!

    Simba's Mom

  7. It must have been very cool to see the balloons. They look like they are defying all the rules of gravity! It was lovely to see the horsie. He has fabulous frootbats!

  8. What a great post of stuff!

    It so khovered so many KHATegories too!

    Khyra and Khousine Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - do woo have all the pawty stuffs together fur tomorrow?

  9. Hi Tommy! We liked the uncropped sure have a great big field to frolic around in.

    The balloons are very pretty, what a fun suprise to see them!

    The bebbeh horsie is a doll, and lookit those ears! MOL!

  10. Beautiful photos. I don't think any cropping is necessary!
    We wants to thank you for coming to our Gotcha Day. We gets to donate lots of green papers to our old shelter!
    Have a great weekend new furends!

  11. Mom and Dad have been up in a hot air balloon and they said it was awesome. Except for the landing which was a bit of an emerjancy!! Fortunately, they lived to tell the tale!

  12. Hi Tommy! Cropped or uncropped we love your flying ear pics - you are such a cutie! And we like the horsie frootbats too!

    And those balloons look so cool - we bet it had to be so fun for the people up there!

    We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Flying Tommy ears and a Frootbat Horse - we are ready to start the weekend.

  14. Love the hot air balloons! And Tommy, you look like you could fly off with those balloons with your lovely ears!

    Cute horse ears too!

    Oh, to be in France... sigh...

  15. We often see those big balloons fly over our yard. Mom and Dad are hoping to go to a balloon fest in September, maybe we can go too. Love those frootbars on the horse - what would have thunk it?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Love your flying ears Tommy!

    Always enjoy seeing hot air balloons in the sky too. :)

  17. Tommy, you are King of the Flying Eared Dogs! Love the horse froot-bat! I think I need to post Whiskey's froot bat ears now.
    What sort of horse show??

  18. hi Tom! we love to see those flying ears of yours! you look so frisky and free!

    that's a very pretty horse. i, Bailey, know some horses and i bark and bark at them. they don't care.


  19. Sometimes we have balloons like that fly over our house.
    Hello to your horsie friend!

  20. Ce fut difficle de traduire mais....est ce que celà signfie que vous allez acheter le bibi poney?


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