Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tama and Tommy Tuesday

We are a bit late in posting today. Our Internet woes have continued and today we finally changed our ADSL box. It seems to be working fine now. Paws crossed. And now she needs to catch up on some work!

I wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. You are all so very kind. I had a lovely day with lots of cuddles with #1. Here I am examining my birthday treat stash:

As you can see, I am very partial to chicken-flavoured LUVs. They are not available here so #1 brought me lots back from Canada!

The weather has been fairly cool lately, especially at night (12C last night!), but we have been getting quite a bit of sunshine and I love hanging out in the greenery in the run:

Tom: It's so great to have #1 back. We have been having lots of games of Frisbee and Chuck-it. The fields are full of Queen Anne's Lace at the moment. It's quite a romantic look, I think!

We are sorry that several of our friends have been ill recently. We were glad to read that Clive is on the mend. We are still concerned about our friend Toro (Totoro) over at Cat Tales who is in his fifth day of hospitalization. Doing better, but still very unwell. And our buddy Phantom over at The Chronicle of Woos is going in today for surgery. Please send good vibes to all of them!


  1. Glad the computer problems seems to be solved! Great to see Tommy enjoying himself, and glad Tama had a good birthday. We will purr for your friends too.

  2. Purring for your friends who are doing poorly.

    Yes, Tommy looks quite the romantic gentle dog amongst the Queen Anne's lace. Swoon worthy.

    And so glad that Tama-chan had a lovely birthday and got lots of treats!!!

  3. We are glad that you had a great birthday Tama-Chan! And boy, that is a great treat stash you have!

    And Tommy you are looking great out with all the flowers around you!

    We are sad that so many are sick too - we don't know Clive or Toro but we do know Phantom - we are sending out lots of purrs and prayers for all of them (and all the other sickies out there too).

  4. Happee happee birthday Tama Chan. We attempted to post yesterday but our computer... Ugh! You sure did get lots of yummE stuff
    Benny & Lily

  5. I have my paws crossed that this means the computer issues are fixed!

  6. We hope this is the answer to your computer woes. Great action, Tommy. And many thanks for the good wishes for Phantom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Computer woes are the pits! We hope you are all fixed up now.

    Tama, you got a nice haul of chicken loot for your Birthday, YUM! We love chicken, too.

    Tommy, you are a Good Boy for asking us to purr for your friends. We will send HUGE purrs to Clive, Totoro, and Phantom to get well soon.

  8. Good to hear you had an excellent birthday day, Tama-Chan. And yes, Tommy, that's a very romantic look!
    Purrs to your ill friends, we know how bad it feels when a loved one is sick. We hope they all turn a corner soon!

  9. I am so happy your had a great birthday! I hope your friends get better really fast!

  10. Paws khrossed on The Internet woes!

    We lost ours last evening around 10:30 and it hadn't returned by bedtime - SOOO, we are furry behind with visits -

    As fur the temps, SIGH!!!!!!!

    Great akhtion shots!

    Paws khrossed fur all!


  11. OMD, I missed saying Happy Birthday, didn't I? I don't know where my mind is. Please accept my belated Happy Birthday and many happy returns! And I hope the internet thing is all sorted out soon.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  12. Happy belated birthday Tama!!
    Here's wishing that you have a fun and happy day and the internet thingy gets all sorted out.


    P.s - We'll keep praying for our furiends good health!!

  13. We sympathise over the computer problems 'cos we are having them too. Ours is still being norty.

    We are purring for all yoor friends to be well.

  14. We think you look WILD under the greenery. And we agree, the field is very romantic with all the flowers. Glad to hear #1 is home safely!

  15. Of course, we missed your Purrthday...we miss all the parties! You looke like you were just glad to be out and about again!


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