Monday, 30 August 2010

Tommy's Mummy Monday!

: WOW!!!!! #1 and I had the most amazing adventure yesterday!!!! We went for a long drive in the car and when we arrived, this is what was waiting for us:

May I introduce my MUMMY, Minnie?


She is an older lady of 13 but she is just gorgeous!

Meet my sisters Sophie and Elsie:

And here I am with my breeder, Ms. A, and my niece, Emily:

Emily is a real sweetheart:

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This is my nephew George:

And here are a whole bunch of us waiting for a tennis ball to be thrown:

After all that exertion came dinner, with this very touching note on the menus:

(My father is JOE!)

And then we were served the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten:

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was to leave this morning. This is what our car looked like as we were getting ready to go (I am behind them all!!!):

It remains for me (and #!) to say a huge thank you to Ms. A and Mr.R for organising this get-together, and to Katie, Minnie (aka MUM), Cora, Harry(iet), Sophie, Elsie and Emily for their warm welcome, as well as to Dolly, Lydia, George and Charlie for adding to the fun! I hope we can do it again soon!

PS: You know what became perfectly clear during our reunion? The fact that I am HUGE!!!! I am considerably bigger than everyone else who was there, and look to be almost twice little Emily's size (she is two so she is fully grown). Nobody knows why I am such a big boy but everyone said I was super handsome!


  1. Wow - what a great birthday party, and what great woofies!

  2. ...and super handsome YOU ARE!! And I would also say that you are SUPER LUCKY and SUPER LOVED!! What a fabulous birthday party!! Man, do we have to be dogs to get that kind of treatment?? We have never...EVER...had a birthday cake. Dang...maybe I'll have to go scratch the couch just to show how not happy I am about that...hmmm. Do the Chans get birthday cakes on their birthdays? No, don't tell're going to say yes then I'll be soooo upset. Would someone please tell our Mom that we want a birthday cake THIS YEAR?? Please? Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  3. What a great reunion for all of you! YEAH You go Tommy!

  4. What an awesome weekend for you, Tommy! We LOVE the photos. How fun to see all your relatives. Your Grandmama is so sweet looking.

  5. What a great day! You and all of your family! You are such a lucky guy Tommy! They are all so good looking. Now I know where you get your looks!

  6. That was pawesome!

    So many beaWOOtiful AND handsome WOO's there!

    What a furry nice khollekhtion of flying ears too!

    Thanks fur sharing your great trip!


  7. you ARE sooper-handsome Tommy! and your mum and grammie are gorgeous!

  8. Wow Tommy that is so cool that you got to have a family reunion! We think you are so lucky that you get to do that! And you have a very attractive family - which of course makes sense considering how handsome you are!

    We are a bit behind so we were sad to see Yuu-Chan is not feeling well still - so we are sending him lots of purrs and prayers, and hope now that he is off his meds he will begin to feel more like himself!

  9. It's a whole FAMILY OF TOMMY'S! Wow, Sir Tom, you come from a long line of handsomeness and gorgeousness. What a wonderful day you and your #1 had. ::sigh::

    I send a kiss to all the Chans!!!

  10. Sounds like just an AWESOME reunion! I would not have been surprised if a couple of extra relatives had come home with you!

  11. Such lovely photos. Tommy, you are quite the handsome boy and all your family are gorgeous too!

    Hehe, yes, you are quite a big boy, but more of you to love then.


  12. What a super time you had. Looks like it was a great party.

    We do know about Chi's Sweet Home. Our mum loves anime and manga. Unfortunately in our town we have a very limited supply. So mum has to watch via you tube or order over seas.

  13. Wow - what a gathering of beauty - bet there were lots of flying ears there having fun together. We are so glad you were able to go to this happy reunion. What a beautiful furamily!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Holy Cats! Look at all the Tommy dogs! Just imagine the snuggling potential.
    Tommy, you are a big boy to contain all the love you have. It's that simple.

  15. Hello
    Oh you guys are gorgeous!!
    And the cakes look SO yummy!


  16. Oh Tommy, you all had the best of reunions, we can tell that from the pictures. Your whole family is beautiful! And yes, we realised too that you are a tall boy. We guess it's because you're so manly! It just means more Tommy-love for efurryone.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  17. Beautiful post.. LOved all the gorgeous pictures.. Looks like a brilliant time was had .. Hugs GJ xx

  18. I am glad you said something because I thought those other doggies were looking kind of small compared to you. Well, you need to be extra large due to all the snuggling surfaces required at your house.

    What a wonderful reunion.


  19. What a fantastic reunion Tommy!

    We just loved seeing all the photos and reading about all the family!


    take care
    Clive and Murray

  20. Woooos Tommy! It suddenly looked like there was lots of Tommy's! I hope woo had a marvelous time, I am sure woo enjoyed the cake!

    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  21. What a beautiful family reunion!

  22. Oh Tommy what a great reunion you had. Thank goodness momma took you home and not one of your relatives..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  23. What a great reunion! Mum says it looks like you had more fun at your reunion than she had at her! Glad you had lots of fun, too bad #1 didn't bring all your family home with her.

  24. Now that is what i call a PARTAY!!!


  25. Awwww ... it was really special to meet yoor lovely fambly. Fanks for sharing.

  26. Well of course you're super handsome!

  27. What an amazingly beautiful family you have, Tommy! How wonderful to see your mama, and your grandmama is stunning! It must have been a brilliant experience, what a great idea :)

  28. You certainly come from a family of lookers Tommy - we can see where your good looks come from.
    We are sure you had a lot of fun together. It must be all that exercise with #1 and the snuggling with the kittie girls and boys that make you so big and strong.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!!

    What a family reunion! Everyone looks so wonderful, what a crew!

    So much fun for Tom and #1!!

  30. Wow, Tommy, what fun you and #1 must have had! Your mum Minnie is a beautiful lady...she has the same sweet expression that you have, so that must be where you got it from. Your sisters and cousins ("who you number by the dozen") are very cute, too. What a bunch of chasing and flying ears and general fun must have been taking place. Lovely yummy cakes just for doggies, too!


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