Saturday, 14 August 2010

SEIturday "Selebration"!

SHE'S BACK! She came back as promised early evening yesterday and I have stuck close to her ever since. She says I seem to be the one who misses her most of all! Last night in bed, I tucked my head in under her chin and let her scratch my tummy for hours! It was sheer bliss. And when we're awake, I have decided to follow Yuu-Chan's example and do the "hand-hold" thing:

We managed to get out into the run for a short while this morning before it started to rain. #1 came and sat with us so I could keep an eye on her:

In case you were wondering, #1 was in the south of France, Cannes to be precise. It sounds very glam but she was there to empty an apartment which was no fun in the sweltering heat.

Anyway, she did manage to spend some time with friends, and took some nice "Riviera" shots, so we thought we would share a couple with you:

Happy SEIturday everyone!


  1. We're glad that #1 is home with you again.

  2. Good idea doing the hand hold thing. Your #1 is sneaky, she might slip away again if you don't hang onto her.

    Happy belated birthday to Miss Tama!


  3. Ahhhh, things are back to normal again. Good.

  4. Hooray for #1 being back home - hand holding is a good idea to make sure she doesn't go galivanting off to play the casinos again!!

  5. We are purry happy she's bakhk!!!

    Khyra and Khousine Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  6. Hurrah! Your #1 is home and you guys are back! Twelve tails up for you!
    Grayce does the hand-holding too, especially when Mommy blogs for us.

    Mommy says the "glam" shots are very nice...she'd like to walk along that pier someday.

  7. So glad you got your #1 back and that you got to snuggle. Love the pictures.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Hurrah - the pain of our main human being away os so hard - but the reuniting and tickles are sooooo good.
    Have a happy time enjoying normality :)

  9. Did you through a pawty for more leaving..
    Benny & Lily

  10. Glad she's home with you where she belongs! Lovely shots both of the scenery and youuu!

    Bajas, Virus and Hyssy

  11. Hoorah! for long chin skritches and snuggling :)

  12. Happy Saturday and glad to know your #1 is back!! The Riviera shots are very nice, thanks for sharing it with us!


  13. Hooray for the return #1! You are smart to stick closely to her now.

  14. Yay, so glad that #1 came back when she said she would! Sounds like she had difficult work to do...physically and emotionally hard to dispose of stuff. Sei-chan, are you feeling better? you still look very thin... Glad you were able to recharge your snuggling batteries, that's so important to our well being!

  15. (by the way, we got confused...sorry!'s Yuu-chan who is recuperating and we were looking at his pictures before coming to this post...Sei-chan, *you* look great!)


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