Monday, 9 August 2010

Manly Monday - The Brothers Three

So, #1 has gone off and abandoned us again although we are cutting her some slack this time, seeing as she seemed genuinely upset to go. Come back quickly, #1. In the meantime, she helped us create this post in advance.

I continue my convalescence although it seems slow at times. I am a pretty finicky eater these days and #1 is desperate to fatten me up a bit. You should hear the list of goodies that Ms A&H are planning to tempt me with! In the meantime, I continue to spend some time in the back room so I can rest, or, actually, play with #1!

#1 says the red fleece throw suits me very well!

And did you notice my spiffy new collar?

Bibi-Chan: Do you think I will get to sample some of the goodies that Ms. A&H will bring. Maybe if I wail loud enough, they'll take pity on me? I also know how to make eyes at the ladies!

And here is a jungle boy photo of me, taken in the run:

Tom: I am remote posting here as I am currently at camp with my pal Pie. Here is this week's portrait:

And this week's "Wet Look" effort!


  1. Oh, boys, just so you know I DID read this lovely post of yours last week, even though BLogger messed up. Tommy, I hope you had a great time at "camp" with Pie.

  2. We made sure to come and see how manly you were last Monday. You know, being able to compare like this, we can see your manliness growing!

  3. Hi guys - we simply HAD to check out this manly post too! Sorry we missed it first time round. Loving the 'wet look' there Tommy! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.


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