Sunday, 15 August 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - Togetherness!

We are late posting today since #1 was out at a horse event for a big chunk of the day. She was going to take Tommy along but then saw that the forecast was for rain, so she left him with us and got wet all on her own!

I am not a hugely snuggly girl but enough was enough, even for me, and I decided I needed some serious snuggle time with #1:

Yuu-Chan of course is a past master at this particular art:

By the way, do please notice his new collar! He was rather hurt that, because Blogger screwed up displaying the two programmed posts we had last week, he got no comments at all about it!

As for Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan, they surprised all of us by hanging out together one day!

On the subject of surprises, we have been having fun surprising #1 by all hanging out together in unusual formations. Behold:

Tommy and I are missing from that photo, but we weren't very far away:

Can you see us all? It is very unusual to get a shot of all of us together!

Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and my Bibi also decided to supervise #1 at the computer:

It's wonderful to have the family all together again!

We would like to leave you with a couple of photos of a friend #1 made whilst she was away. This is Lili, who belongs to Ms. A with whom #1 has been friends for 30 years!

Lili is quite a gourmet. Can you believe she gets to eat sushi rolls (her master, Mr. S is Japanese!)?


  1. Yes, Yuu-Chan that really is an attractive new looks great on you! Wonderful pictures of everybody close together! The one of three of you on the back of the couch is great...could be used as a perfect illustration of the different coat colors that Abys come in. Nice that #1 is home again and once again resuming her important snuggling duties.

  2. Yuu-chan's collar is very lovely! I absolutely adore the photo of you lined up. Very unusual but so sweet!!!

    Hugs and snuggles to everyone!

  3. We love Yuu#chans' noo collar! And those pics of togetherness and the unusual foramtion are AWESOME!

  4. Yu-chan's collar is tres stylish!
    Love the three kitty shot and also the one with everyone -- we were able to spot every single furry! Lili is obviously a refined and elegant girl.
    Hope your horse event went well! Our horse has just been HOT and has to be hosed off everyday and turned out in the shade. I wish we'd get some rain!
    All your friends at The Rose Jugglers

  5. We particularly liked the formation snooze!

  6. We spotted Yuu's handsome new collar right off! No wonder he's proud of it, it's gorgeous.

    The group pictures are fabulous! Did all of you plan it or was it a surprise for your #1? MOL!

  7. What a pawsome collar Yuu-Chan!

    We liked the formation picture!

  8. Grop pics are so nice to see.

    What a regal doggie, who gets to eat Sushi!

  9. I love the beautiful collar, so colourful. The pictures are great especialy the one all lined up. Gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Cool collar Yuu-chan. We love the picture of you guys in a line. What is the name of that game...cute!
    Benny & Lily

  11. The little kitty line up photo is really cool.


  12. We love Yuu-Chan's collar! All the photos are great too but the 'three in a row' shot is wonderful!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  13. We love the pictures of all of you together!! And Yuu-Chan, your collar is great! Very colorful!

    We think Sundays were made for suggling!! Enjoy yours!!

  14. Great formation!!
    Your friend is really cute! Sushi roll? yummy! or as they say in Japanese - oishii!!


  15. we love the photos of the kitties in formation. that's good!

    Lili is a very pretty girl. we bet that sushi is quite yummy!


  16. All that eye khandy fur me in one shot!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Lili is furry pretty!

  17. You guys are all so cute. Love the one with all 3 in a row. And boy, what a cute friend you have. :)

  18. We sure love your new formations, cause then we can see all of you in the photo!

  19. Yuu-Chan your collar is very stylish.

  20. We are purring and purring over your sweet formation!

  21. GREAT togetherness pictures! Boy, that couch is crowded.


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