Sunday, 29 August 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

It's a relief that, before she and Tommy head off together, #1 found the time to take dictation so we could do a proper Snuggles on Sunday post.

I have been doing some snuggling with Tommy. There is quite a bit of competition for his snuggles, you know, so it can be hard to get Tommy-Time!

I also got a nice snuggle from Sei-Chan...

... who in turn got one from Tommy!

Sei-Chan has also been doing quite a bit of snuggling with #1...

... who has also been snuggling with Yuu-Chan!

We're still a little worried about Yuu-Chan who just doesn't seem able to get his energy or appetite back properly. We are hoping that this might be a side effect of the methionine he has been taking for the past 10 days and, now that the course of treatment is finished, he will perk up. In the meantime, a few purrs would be appreciated.

Bibi-Chan on the other hand is increasingly deserving of his nickname "Bibi-The-Terror" and tears around the house scaring Sei-Chan and annoying Yuu-Chan. As his mother, I am the only one who is perfectly able to put him back in his place... Anyway, he still adores Tommy just as much and spends all the time he can with him:

So that's our round of snuggles for today. #1 is, as usual, worried about going off and leaving us, even though it is only for 24 hours. I keep telling her we'll be fine and she and Tommy must have the best time at the reunion.


  1. Happy snuggling everybuddy, Sunday is the perfect day for curling up together and taking it easy.

  2. Sunday is perfect for snuggling away here too. And hopefully Yuu is getting his energy back with super-Sunday snoozing. Paws crossed for him.

  3. I send my best purrs for Yuu-chan. And #1 and Tommy MUST have a great time today.

  4. Tommy must be quite the snuggler since everyone seems to keep coming back to him.

  5. Such wonderful Sunday snuggles. We're purring that Yuu-Chan perks up soon xxx

  6. Gorgerous snuggling photos!

    We're keeping our paws and fingers crossed for Yuu-Chan.

    Have a lovely time with #1, Tommy!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  7. Lots of snuggling going on!! So much fun!!

    We hope Yuu-Chan starts to feel his old self soon!

  8. Healing purrs for Yuu-Chan. Everyone looks so comfy snuggling together. Fenris is still trying to get us cats to snuggle with him, but is happy to report that Artemisia kissed him on the nose.

  9. We are sending purrs and purrayers for Yuu-Chan - we hope you are back on form soon.
    Have a lovely time with #1 Tommy - we're sure you'll both have lots of fun.

  10. Happy Snuggle Day!

    I'm sending my best Sibe Vibes fur Yuu-Chan AND I'm sure Merdie will kikhk in some GR ones too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Thanks fur keeping the pedal to the medal on the bidding ;-)

  11. Make that metal -

    Paws and brain working at difFURent speeds!


  12. Sending lots of purrs for Yuu-Chan...we're hoping with all those snuggles and our purrs he'll be feeling better soon.

  13. Bibi looks so tiny when he is with Tom-Terrific!

    We will send our purrs to Yuu Chan. xoxo

  14. So good to see you snuggling with your Tommy, Tama- chan. Paws crossed and tons of purrs for Yuu-chan!

    9 and Chani & Marlene

  15. Nice snuggling, guys. We hope Yuu-Chan feels better real soon!

    Bajas and the kitties

  16. Tommy, you are a regular Cat magnet for snuggles. Enjoy your day out!

    We will continue to Purr our best purrs fot Yuu-Chan.

  17. Tommy, you are such a used boy...they just use you to snuggle I bet. haha. I know you love it!

  18. Tommy, it is a very hard job you have, doing all the snuggling, but I know you are up to the job!

  19. You got my purrs for sure, huge rumbly ones.. Gorgeous snuggly pictures..

    Mum says please could you send her your snail mail address..

    Love GJ xx

  20. Purrs to Yuu-Chan.
    That Tommy is one great fellow. All of those kitties scrambling for some snuggle time. I love it!

  21. Purring hard for Yuu-Chan! I know how that goes. However, I ate more. I am just so mad about that kitten!

  22. So get this.....Armani and Charli have been watching your snuggles on Sunday, and now they snuggle together too!
    I don't though. I just can't do it for some reason.

  23. Sounds like a whole lot of snuggling going on there - and you all do it so well. Tommy needs an administrative assistant to set up a snuggle schedule for him and all of you Chans. Paws crossed for Yuu-Chan to get on that road to recovery.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. How will you possibly have managed with no Tommy for 24 hours? Nobody able to snuggle with him for all that time!

  25. Mum went to a reunion a few weeks ago. Hope you have fun at yours. Lots of purrs for Yuu-chan

  26. I'm embarrassed to confess that there is a lot more slapping than snuggling going on between the three of us cats at my house! And any human-cat snuggling is generally accompanied by a round of complaints on the cat's part.

    I am absolutely sending purrs Yuu-Chan's way, and keeping paws crossed that he bounces back once his medication is done.

  27. Super Sunday Snuggles!!


  28. We hope #1 and Tommy have a fantastic time at the reunion!

    Bibi sounds like Lishy. He is the biggest pest in the world!

  29. We enjoyed the snuggles pics ~ and we are sending more healing purrs for Yuu-Chan. Please get well Yuu-Chan.

  30. As always, your snuggles are the best! we are still concerned about Yuu-Chan...Meowmy feels hesitant to mention this, but has Yuu-Chan been tested for feline leukemia?


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