Friday, 27 August 2010

Fun on Friday!

I don't need to tell you about fun with boxes, do I....?! We had a couple of deliveries this week and they came in great boxes.

Sei-Chan got into the spirit of things too!

Actually, Sei-Chan and I have been "hanging out" a lot together lately, Ha Ha HAAAAA!

I've also been hanging out with my big brother Yuu-Chan, although he still doesn't play much.

And my Mama-Tama's idea of fun is hanging out at the window (in this case, showing off her translucent frootbats!)

Now Tommy is a champion of having fun! Yesterday, his friends Adele and Eve were around, so they had a major romp together:

Wishing you all a Fun Friday!


  1. I think those perches in the sky are fabulous. How do you get up there, anyway?

  2. Boxes are AWESOME!!! We love you guys in your boxes, you look so tiny and perfect!

  3. We love boxes - we like to hide in them and then jump out at passing legs haha!!
    Tommy was having so much fun with his friends Eve and Adele - were they competing for his attention?

  4. Sei-Chan looks a little worried in that box - how do I get out of here? ;-)

    Tommy - nice to have some great furiends to run and have fun.

    Happy weekend to all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. My brothers and sister like boxes too! I think I would break it if I got in one. I hope you have a fun filled weekend!

  6. Boxes are so cool. Momma wants to come meet Tommy's boxer friend. She loves boxers (but we better not get one!)

  7. Khome visit me now that woo have proper shipping boxes!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Thanks fur sharing your romps!

  8. Wow, what a coincidence that we both have 'box shots' today. Hehehee

    Loving all of your photos today. We think you need at least 4 hammocks!

    9 and Chani

  9. Wow! We go away a couple days and we miss all the fun at your house!

    Those sky hammocks are the best...Mommy is wondering where she could put one up for us. Are they hard to mount?

    Emma is adorable...we hope we get some pictures as she grows into her floof.

    And Tommy, well...we loves you a TON! You are such a great playmate and brother.

  10. No matter WHAT you do, WHERE you do it or HOW you do it, you are ALL so gorgeous!!! Even Tommy-dog with his fun, floppy ears!! Lots of purrs to you, Lautrec and Tiny

  11. HEY I wanna perch like thaaaat!

    We love boxes too.
    Bonkful week-end kitties and doggie

  12. Those boxes look extra fun! We have not have any really good boxes here for a while.

  13. Boxes looks like fun but there's never any that fits me around here..
    What a funtastic Friday!
    Hope your weekend will be lots of fun too!!


  14. My kitty sisters thing boxes are great to!


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