Sunday, 8 August 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Here it is! Our first Snuggles on Sunday post for ages! Needless to say, #1 has ben busy snuggling all of us A LOT as she is leaving again tomorrow morning. She is really upset about leaving us all, but in particular about leaving Yuu-Chan as he is still so fragile and Dr.C is on vacation at the moment. So, may we ask for some crossed paws that he will be well whilst she is away?

So, why don't we start with him? He has been back to his usual favourite activity of snuggling #1's hand:

As well as napping with her!

He also napped with Bibi-Chan. He has been staying away from Bibi whilst he's been unwell, since my Beebs can be a bit rough, so it was nice to see them together again!

I haven't had a lot of opportunity to snuggle with #1 yet as she has been so busy and I need quiet time to snuggle properly, but I did spend some time hanging out with her when she was doing all that work earlier this week:

And I hung out with my sister Sei-Chan in the run:

Sei-Chan has been snuggling with Tommy:

Yesterday, we had a visit from Ms. A&H who wil be taking care of us, along with Uncle U, when #1 is gone, and Sei-Chan decided that she LOVES Ms. H (and vice versa)!

As for Bibi-Chan, he has, as usual, been snuggling with his Tommy! It's going to be hard for him next week when both #1 and Tommy are gone...

Last but not least for today, we have this great shot of Tommy asleep, snuggling with his stuffie!

#1 would like to prepare a couple of posts in advance for Monday and Tuesday but whether that happens or not will depend on how much time she has and whether Blogger cooperates. We certainly hope to be back live next Saturday.

Have a Snuggly WORLD CAT DAY everyone!


  1. Happy World Cat Day to all at The Poupouunette.

    Wonderful set of pictures, as always. #1, have a good trip, and be back soon.

  2. I love a good snuggle! I have all my paws crossed for Yuu-Chan.

  3. Such wonderful Sunday snuggling!

    Happy World Cat Day!

  4. We love your snuggles. They are just so lovely! It is great that Sei-Chan has made friends so quickly. Our mum thought it was a good sign when Suey took to Morgan so quickly, and we had a happy time at Pawpaws.
    We will keep a rumble going for Yuu-Chan.

  5. We hope the trip goes well for #1 and that all the Snuggling Chans will do quite fine in her absence. We know Ms H. and Uncle U will do a great job with all of you. Paws crossed for Yuu-Chan to stay healthy and put some pounds on while #1 is away.

    Happy World Cat Day too!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Happy World Cat Day to you all - we hope Yuu-Chan will get stronger soon - we will send him special get well purrs today when we say our purrayers. We think you will all miss Tommy when he goes with #1this week and hope you are all back together next weekend.

  7. Love all the snuggle pics, very cute. :)

  8. Love the pix, but OMD, we had no idea it was World Cat Day. We must get a kitty post read ASAP or there will be some kitty noses out of joint when they find out. Happy snuggling to all and of course, all our paws will be crossed that Yuu-chan is just fine this week.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  9. Happy World Cat Day to yoo all. Lovely pics today. Enjoy snuggling.

  10. Happy World Cat Day to all of you, even Tommy!

    Great snuggle pictures. We missed our Sunday fix while #1 was gone.

    Big purrs for Yuu-Chan, we hope he eats like a pig and fills out more this week. {{hugs}}

  11. Beautiful beautiful pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Happy World Cat Day! Your snuggle pictures always make our Sundays so much better. Your pictures are sweet and lovely as always.

  13. Happy World Cat Day! And I just love the snuggles and love in your house.

  14. well don't you all just look so verreh comfy! we are crossing all paws here for Sir Yuu!

  15. Oh Tommy!

    Woo know Merdie and I are 'there' -

    Paws khrossed fur Yuu-Chan and #1 too

    Khyra and Khousine Merdie

  16. Great snuggles furiends!

    Hope #1 has a good trip and that Yuu-Chan is fine while she is away.

  17. Yup, that's a lot of snuggling again. We snuggle individually with mom but still not with each other!

  18. We haven't visited in a while either and not sure how far back...3 weeks? Anyway, hope all goes well in your abscence and both cats and humans enjoy themselves. It's hard to do when you are worrying about your 'little ones' I know!


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