Saturday, 25 June 2011


It seems like ages since I had a SEIturday posy but it is in fact only two weeks. I'm glad you all liked my Wordless Wednesday photo. Here is another one taken at the same location!

This week I decided that the time had come for me to start supervising household expenses, as well as #1's work. It's a hard job, but I consider it my duty as #1's full-time supervisor. It's important to keep track of the chequebook and the wallet with the credit cards.

And I have discovered a new napping spot. This was originally supposed to be Tommy's crate. He used it for precisely two nights when he was three months old and it has sat there ever since. It's very comfy!

I have also been entertaining myself by playing whappy paws with my big sister, Tama-Chan. The entrance to the cat run is an excellent place for this and I had the advantage of being in the cat run!

It was all quite exhausting and I found a nice sunpuddle to rest in afterwards.

Wishing you all a fine SEIturday!


  1. Whoah - your #1 leaves you in charge of the credit cards and wallet. Now I must encourage Äiti to do this too! And I will promise faithfully not to visit zooplus or ebay or all those other sites I like so much.......

  2. Whappy Paws is the best and you two girls had a great episode of it. Fun! Great crinklage on your nosie in the first pic, Sei-Sei.

  3. I bet I would LOVE whappy paws with all of woo Chans!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! My khrate was a great storage place fur Mom stuff - now I've donated it! KHOULD WOO BELIEVE THAT BOLD KHYTTY??? And that Butterskhotch so knew how to work the khamera!

  4. I love the second picture of your napping time. You looks sweet and peaceful :)

    Autumn & Jasmine

  5. #1 would be very wise to just let you run the house like that Sei.

  6. You look like you are laffin' in the first picture, Sei-Chan. Enjoy your Saturday.

  7. You're lucky to get a sun puddle Sei-Chan - we were promised a wonderful weekend of sun and 80 degree temperatures by the weatherman - it has at least just stopped raining but the sun hasn't come out yet!! Mum is wearing two sweaters - we're just glad we have furs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. What a sen-Sei- sational photo shoot!
    Me especially like the last one, you look like you're soo comfortable soaking up the sun!

    Enjoy your Sei-turday!!


  9. haha...that first video is SO funny!

  10. Sun puddles and snappy paws are the best!

  11. Watching you do all that snoopervising and work why I am just tuckered out. I am glad that you got a rest in the sun later on!

  12. I trust my human with the bookkeeping. But I do check all her numbers.

  13. I love the picture of you nappin in your sunpuddle!

  14. Are you yawning or yelling in the first photo? Either way, you're a doll! Say, if you have control of the money you should buy some treats and toys...for everybody!
    Maui says he thinks he might fit in that crate with you, it looks pretty private for a snuggle and a kiss.

    Oh, there he goes, he's all bashful.

  15. Hello sweet face! You are such a dear to help #1 around the house. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs and kisses.

  16. I love a good sun puddle!

  17. SeiChan we agree, snoopervising household expenses would put us to sleep too
    Love and snorts
    Benny & Lily

  18. Good to see you Sei-Chan. We bet that crate of Tommy's would be even more comfy for you if you could get Tommy to come snuggle in there with you. We all love our crates.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Whew! What a day. You must be very, very, tired. You looks very comfy in that sun puddle. Hope the rest of your weekend is pawsome.


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