Monday, 24 May 2010

Manly Monday

: With all the sunshine we have been getting, the grass in the fields just keeps on getting taller!

#1 says that am like an antelope in the way I leap out of the grass so I can see where I am going.

And she has more and more trouble locating my Frisbee in the tall grass, so I need to help her. I am very good at that. She just looks at me and says "where's the Frisbee, Tommy?" and I leap into action an find it for her!

Bibi-Chan: I came to realise this week that supervising the ironing is an extremely important and manly activity. I shall do it as often as I can.

Of course, when one works to assist one's #1 in her every endeavour, one deserves proper recognition. I was only asking for my due - an enormous slice of ham!

I continue my explorations of the cat run. For some reason, I have not yet made it into either of the sky hammocks, but I a confident it will happen.

In the interim, I did locate another great place to nap!

Yuu-Chan: Whereas my little brother believes in screaming his head off to get his portion of ham, I adopt a more mature, much more "Yuu-ful" approach and just look soulfully at #1...

It works like a charm!

Guess what? It is going to me my first birthday in just over two weeks. #1 keeps telling me that I have grown into the most handsome mancat!

But, as you know, showing off isn't my thing. I just like to lie back and reeeeelax!

Well, except when #1 opens the kitchen window and the fish on the mobile start "swimming"!

Sorry about that flowerpot, #1!

PS: Yikes! I almost forgot the most important thing!!!! I am so happy to announce that I have been accepted into the Good Kitty Club! Here is my official membership badge:


  1. You are nearly one already?! Where does the time go? We don't blame you for getting excited over the fishies. They look irresistable! :)

  2. Wow hard to believe you are almost ONE Yuu-Chan.

    Tommy, good work finding the Frisbee in the tall grass. Fenris has to do the same thing with his balls.

    Bibi-Chan, we thinks you deserve lots of HAM for helping with the ironing. We hates ironing.

  3. Tommy, I envy you your abililty to find things in the tall grass. That is not my area of expertise, unfortunately. It's a peripheral vision thing. The folds, you know.

    It is so nice (and manly) of Bibi-Chan to help with the ironing. Since I can't get up on the ironing board the Moms have to be content just with my help with the sorting of the clean laundry. I know they appreciate it.

    wags, Lola

  4. After being away from blog land for a while, how wonderful to return on my favorite day of the week. I am glad, Tommy, that there are other manly furballs around for you to enjoy Monday with.

    That grass sure is tall. Almost looks like my estate when momma forgets to mow.


  5. That fish-mobile is totally mesmerizing!

  6. Tommy looks so wonderful in the tall grass! He looks like a great hunter!
    Bibi-chan, supervising the ironing is totally manly. In our house, Cat Daddy does his own ironing, and Mummy says this is because his clothes are the only ones that need ironing. mawhawhaw!
    We love the fish mobile as well!

  7. Good job finding that frisbee in that tall grass. We sure cannot do that and we have tall grass here too. Bibi-chan, good job at the ironing.Bet we could do that too.
    The fish mobile is just awesome. We would have to go after that one too.
    Have a great week.

  8. Wooos Tommy, what fun woo must have in that field, running free as the wind...
    Bibi-Chan great job helping and I hope woo gets lots of ham fur that!
    Yuu Chan, happy almost birthday!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. What a Monday!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us!


  10. That scornful look is just priceless Yuu Chan. I use it all the time wif san.


  11. Congrats on getting into the good kitty club! I like that fish's cool!

  12. Well done on joining the Good Kitty Club - it's good that they still let you join when you've knocked over a plant pot playing with that mobile - although we do have to say #1 put it in a very inconsiderate spot! Bibi-Chan our Mum wants to know if you can come and help with her ironing too.

  13. Hmm. So maybe with the flowerpot thing, your Good Kitty Club Membership is on shaly ground? Do not fear, we Good Kitties are not Perfect Kitties.

  14. Bibi - screaming for a huge slice of ham is a fun thing to do!

  15. It looks gorgeous there! And Bibi--it is always good to find something to snoopervise like ironing! Humans love us to help.

  16. Bibi, you are getting so big! Yuu, that soulful look of yours would definitely work on our Mom!

  17. All this manliness is too much for me :)

    hugs and skritches,

  18. Tommy gud job helpin #1 wif findin yer toy. We is sure yoo always know where it is.

    We is finkin yoo bof do a gud job wif the ham pose - did yoo get a big enuf piece?


  19. Wot a fabulous informative post. we really enjoyed it and the pics are super. And yoo are gonna be a gorjuss mancat!

  20. *SIGH!*


    Khyra & Khousine Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: And The Chan Man are nice in a purry special way too!

  21. All the Manliness! Mommy and the LadyCats are swooning.
    We would LOVE to play in that tall grass, and maybe eat some, too. Wow, think of the hairball you could yak up after eating a couple of THOSE grass stalks!

  22. These are all such wonderful, manly pictures! And wow, we can't believe you are almost one already Yuu-Chan! That is amazing!

  23. Hey, well done at being accepted into the good kitty club, that's pawsome!

    And Tommy - you do good work for the canine fraternity with your manly monday appearances, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  24. Oh tommy - yet another sign of what a good boy you are - helping #1 with the frisbee find. And Bibi-Chan, Mom is thrilled to know that she isn't the only one left in the world who actually irons:)

    We didn't know there was a Good Kitty Club - congrats on your admission, Yuu-Chan, and happy almost birthday number one.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  25. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get into the sky hammocks, Bibi. Your yummy Mummy already has enough competition for her favourite spot!

  26. Congratulations for your membership
    "Good Kitty Club"

    Yuyu you made the flowerpot story very short......

    We love the pics of Tom in the tall grass....may be you think I can get lost if I run there?


    ViVi & AB

  27. Tom
    I looove the way you leap wif joy in that lovely tall gwass, and Bibi Chan and Yuu-Chan, I'm so glad you got those yummie hamses each in youw own special way
    all of you awe vewy manly in the best sense of the wowd
    smoochie kisses

  28. I can hardly see you anymore Tommy!

  29. Tommy, we could barely see you in that tall grass!!

    And Bibi-Chan and Yuu-Chan, how lucky that you got ham!! Yum!!

  30. Tommy!! Don't get lost in the grasses! If you do...don't worry. Grete said she'd teleport over to find you!


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