Monday, 31 May 2010

Manly Monday With a Few Rays

: Last week and the weekend were pretty much all grey skies and rain, but the sun is out today. Hurray! #1 and I were out with the Frisbee this morning. She has been berating herself because she says she has lost her touch for getting good shots of me catching the Frisbee. But persistence paid off and she did get one!

And here is a nice one of me waiting for her to throw it:

Yesterday, we went out to an agricultural fair and all these people came up to #1 to ask if I was for sale. She says she could have made a fortune out of me! But of course, I will never be anywhere but here with my family. By the way, I have been having huge fun riding in our loaner Nissan Patrol. There is so much room for me to stretch out at the back. In fact, I love it so much that #1 has a hard time getting me to get out of it! She's going to try and get a good photo of me in there. In the meantime, here is another outdoor portrait:

Bibi-Chan: As you know, I had a big week last week, with my snip day at Dr.C's, but I recovered very quickly and I am in great form again! Here I am on the evening of the big day:

#1 says I am the best tail-tucker she knows. I also spent some time snuggling with her:

Now that that's all over, it's important to get back into a proper daily routine. Here we are this morning with Yuu-Chan, doing our ablutions on getting up:

And how about a little Bibi with your tea for breakfast?

Yuu-Chan: I too have had a busy week. I decided to follow Yuu-Chan's example and help #1 with the ironing:

It's a lot of hard work!

I also spent some time hanging out with Bibi:

We would like to leave you this week with a very special photo of the three of us boys with our #1. Please note in particular Tommy's paw positioning!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Tommy, you are so athletic. We don't blame people for trying to sneak you off for themselves, you are such a handsome manwoofie:) Bibi, we are happy to hear you are recovering, and would like to take a Sei, a Tama, a Yuu and a Bibi with our tea, if that's not too much to ask! :)

  2. Wow that is a seriously busy day!

  3. Woo, Tommy, most excellent frisbee catch. We loved it.

  4. Tried to buy you, Tommy? OMD. Good thing that would never happen. Did anyone try to buy #1 from you.

    You kitties are very hard workers, I must say. I'll have to talk to ours about stepping up their game. Of course, Simone works pretty hard at preventing bedmaking and I guess that tires her out.

    wags, Lola

  5. Hey Tommy, I don't blame you for not wanting to get out of your comfy ride. I am the same way. Sometimes momma just leaves me in there with the door open because I am the original immoveable object. Ha!

    Nice frisbee technique. You sure can sky.


  6. #1 we love that picture of you with "your boys" - hope you don't need to get up in a hurry!

  7. Ahhhhhh - three lovely boys getting some cuddle time with #1 - lots of great shots here. Of course, you know we love best the ones with Tommy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I love to play Frisbee! We should play sometime! Great pics!

  9. Lots of PAWesome pikhs in this post!

    Of khourse, the frisbee one was inkhredibly khool...

    Even the tail tukhk was purry well done!

    I'm glad woo are enjoying your Nissan time!

    Khyra & Khousine Merdie

  10. We had a feeling Tom would like the bigger car. Glad Bibi has made a quick recovery from his snip snip. Bibi and tea for breakfast looks delightful.

  11. Wow! You guys have a lot of sunshine and we are very happy that everyone had a lot of fun. san has been trying get us all to snuggle together but we think once we do that, she would make us wash our own bowls and litter bins. THAT is a NONO!

    bujang and the amigos

  12. Looks like you guys have been busy helping out and having fun!

  13. What great pictures! Have a great week.

  14. The photo of the three boys is a wonderful manly Monday!

  15. Tommy, you are just toooooooo cute!! You are so photogenic...never yet has there been of photo of you where you aren't just so manly and gorgeous!! You guys are hard workers in your house..we just slack off all day until dinner time then we get to work trying to make Mom feed us sooner than she normally does...THAT is work...Mom is one tough cookie and she sticks to our feeding schedule like you wouldn't believe!! We love group snuggles...actually, we are having one RIGHT NOW!! HEHEHE!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  16. Oh, every picture is sweet, but the one of #1 with her three boys is the best of all. You guys have The Life!

  17. Tommy, Grete is just smiling at the thought of all those humans wanting to take you home!

    You are priceless...and yes, your place is with your familiy...and on your bloggie so Grete can see you.

  18. That last photo of you is all is precious!

  19. Tommy you got caught on some great action shots. We see all your friends were relaxing while you indulged yourself in some athletic events
    have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  20. You boys are all so handsome. Of course our favorite photo is the one of Tommy in the fields waiting for the frisbee. You look like everything a springer should be. And of course everyone wants you but we know your #1 could never bear to be parted from you.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  21. Love the photos! Happy Mancat Monday to you all.

  22. Cute set of pics. Looks like you are all very busy. Just love the last picture!
    Hope Bibi's snip went ok!

  23. Such a great selection of photos - you looked wonderful in them Tommy! But we particularly liked that last photo - very special indeed!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  24. Oh Tommy!! #1 would never sell you!! That was a good catch!! And Bibi-Chen, we're happy everything went okay with your snipping!

    We love that last picture of all of you together!

  25. Playing frisbee is fun. That's so nice that you help with ironing!

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