Monday 27 May 2024

Manly Monday


The Big V: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! I got some pics to #1 in time for today's post. Over the weekend, the fancy hotel I work at made a little PR movie and I was featured quite heavily in it (along with Toscane, of course!).

Almost ready to roll!

Look at my beautifully braided tail!

On the road!

Momo did some relaxing this weekend:

Here is Ollie "in clover":

Ryū has been helping #1 with her work:

And Benny has been practicing his dangling:

We also have a special guest this week. Our guests last week told us they have a gorgeous black farm cat whose name is... Ernie!

Ms. S even provided us with a kitten pic! He is the one in the middle!

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. You look very handsome with your beautifully braided tail, Vidock.
    That is a very sweet little trio of kittens.
    Momo is very good at relaxing, and Benny is becoming an expert dangler. You are looking handsome as always, Ollie.

  2. Love your braided tail and you are most handsome in the clover, Ollie!

  3. There is a whole lot of handsome going on in today's post!! Little Ernie is very sweet!!

  4. Nice that Mrs. S shared photos of Ernie. He's handsome. And the Big V, what a lovely braid tail!

  5. Vidock! Nice to see all of you and Ernie, you are a good looking dude too!

  6. All you boys are looking great today. The Big V is especially handsome with that fancy tail work.

  7. Vidock, your tailio is fabulous!
    Those three baby still my beating heart.

  8. Charlee: "You are all manly men indeed! Especially the Big V with his tail and mighty tocks!"
    Oona: "It's three even smoller Smol Oonas all in a row! If they teamed up with Oona, it would be an unstoppable group of ninjas! Unfortunately there is at least one ocean in between Oona and the even smoller Oonas, not to mention a continent or two ..."

  9. Whoa!
    What a hunky bunch on this post!!
    And kittens too!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - glad you like to ride along!

  10. Vidock, you are a movie star!!! So handsome with that beautifully braided tail.

    The three little kittens - so adorable.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  11. Ernie & his littermates are certainly cute ! Big V us very handsome !

  12. You are the most important horse in the world.


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