Sunday 1 May 2022

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Welcome back to our SoS post, after a week without last Sunday! I would like to start with a couple of cute pics that Mr. G took, of me and #1:

He also took this excellent one of #1 and Ollie:

Next is Benny keeping #1 in bed in the morning!

And occupying her lap:

But he is not the only one!

And here are the two bros in a butt to butt snuggle:

Last but not least, the only one of the horses that #1 managed to get a snuggle pic with was The Big V:

We wish you all many happy snuggles!


  1. So much snuggling!
    I've been subjected to so much of THAT myself in recent days as my #1 wishes she could 'fix' the VETphobia issue - but not to be - I love to go - I love to go in - I love all the treats BUT no way they are doing anything to ME!


  2. How nice you all enjoyed so many wonderful snuggles with such sweet photos!

  3. your snuggles make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. and I can tell #1 feels that way too. you are all blessed to have each other...

  4. The Hubby hasn't figure out how to use my phone, so no pics of my snuggling with any cats!

  5. Those are all great snuggle pictures!

  6. How wonderfu to see all those happy snuggles !

  7. You guys always have the best snuggles. Cinnamon is the big snuggler around here, the rest of us like to sit on the lap.

  8. Charlee: "Yay for laps and cuddles and snuggles! In fact, I'm curled up in Dada's lap right now while I dictate these comments to him. Dada, type faster so you can get back to rubbing my belly, please."

  9. These are adorable snuggle photos.


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