Monday 30 May 2022

Manly Monday


Ollie: I am in #1's bad books at the moment, although I am not sure what that means, exactly. She was not, for some reason, pleased that she had to give me a shampoo three times ove the past week because I had rolled repeatedly in something she calls unspeakable. She says that, if I want to sleep on her bed, that is absolutely not on! I am frustrated... I thought it smelled divine!

Here are a couple of nice pics of me:

Benny: I present... Da Fangs!

And also my sweet side...

The Big V: All my sides are sweet...

PS: To all our friends who have been worried about the sudden disappearance of Da Phenny and Da Nelly from Easy Blog, a friend who lives close to them went to their house today, and they are fine! They have no Internet. Huge thanks go to Ness for driving over!


  1. you are right, all your sides are pretty V. love the fangs and yes Ollie you do look quite CLEAN and Handsome and glad we don't have sniff on blogs. ha ha

  2. thank you and your friends for the news that Da Phenny and da Nelly have no interent

  3. Oh Ollie -

    Don't make #1 send DaFangs after you!


  4. Ollie, you'd never find Benny doing such a thing!

  5. Benny, I thought you were LOL'ing at poor Ollie's predicament...

    I am so glad we know that the Weims and their peeps are OK, Phew, we were worried!

  6. Thank you for letting us know about Katty and the Weims. It is always worrying when someone disappears.
    Ollie, it is not good to roll in the nasties, but it does seem to be a spaniel thing.

  7. Sorry to hear #1 had to wash off that wonderous smell, Ollie. Parents can be weird about that sort of thing. You do look great after your bath and your brothers look good, too.

  8. Oh Ollie, really?!?! Y'all look wonderful though. Thanks for you help in finding out about the Weims and yes, thanks Ness for the assistance.

  9. It was nice seeing you guys today! Especially since I didn't have to smell you, Ollie! MOL

  10. Lulu: "I also like rolling in spectacularly stinky things, Ollie! I think the humans should try to learn to enjoy such perfumes!"
    Chaplin: "Thank you for the update on Phenny and Nelly! That's a long time to go without Internet!"


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