Tuesday 17 May 2022

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: #1 says she can't believe were already half way through May. I am not sure what May is but it seems we're getting through it! It has gotten warmer. We have open windows, and #1 has crossed fingers that you know who doesn't demolish all the netting on them, trying to get at the lizards. I of course never cause any damage.

I do enjoy sitting at the kitchen window.

And helping #1 with her work.

A little pillow talk with #1:

Mr. G managed to snap a picture of that pipsqueak, Benny, sticking his tongue out at me behind my back!

What can you do? I just ignored him and had a nap.


  1. we agree... that may days are super short and over so fast..

  2. I agree, every month seems to go faster than the last! That was rather rude of Benny to stick his tongue out at you!

  3. you are for sure totally relaxed in the last photo and all of you are looking fantastic. I do love windows open on bright sunny days

  4. I can imagine the same thoughts are rolling through my #1's head too - HOW ARE WE THIS FAR THROUGH MAY AND 2022?

    Happy Lizard Watching!

    PeeEssWoo: HI OLLIE!

  5. You do look super happy and very content sweet Tama!

  6. Tama, you look very much at ease in that last pic.

  7. #1 really likes your 'help', Tama-Chan...we can tell!

  8. You look great today, Miss Tama-Chan. We don't think Benny was sticking out his tongue at you. He probably was just in the middle of some washing up.

  9. Ahhhhhh! This is the time I like. Window wiffies and warmer temps and grass! You look so comfy in your bed. Sweet dreams Tama :)
    Purrs, Julie

  10. Charlee: "Good on you, Tama-Chan. Most things that annoying siblings do can be made better by taking a nap."
    Chaplin: "Charlee! Charlee! Charlee! What are you doing?"
    Charlee: "I was just on my way to take a nap, Chaplin."

  11. Tama, you look as regal as ever.


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