Saturday 7 May 2022

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei:  Hello, Dear Friends! I realise we Rainbow Gang haven't been very present of late. There has been a technical glitch which makes it very complicated for #1 to access her pre-2015 photos at the moment. So, today's post will just feature those of us who were around after that date. And since it has been such a sad week in the Cat Blogosphere, we thought we would go for snuggle pics.

Remember how much I loved to snuggle with Tommy?

Genji was of course glued to #1 as much as possible:

#1 found this cute one of Da Beebs with Tommy:

And one of Da Beebs and Da Genj curled up together:

Tommy with Basha, Fernand's bro, who is now also at the Bridge:

All of these pictures were taken in 2015. We hope you enjoyed them! We will try and sort put our problems so we can feature the rest of the Rainbow Gang next week.


  1. They are all lovely photos. I hope #1 is able to find a way to access her older photos.

  2. i have just spent the last hour going through my rainbow gang looking at my Baby Girl. sorry about the missing photo links and hope you can find them soon. I love techie and also sometimes hate it

  3. From what I hear, NAT and NAK just might be hanging out watching US -

    And YES, it was quite the sad week - my #1 is still shaking her head and so many things - one of which is TheNicePaulaLady getting her wings - she still can't believe it and feels so badly for her chats - but at least she got to say adieu


  4. It should be quite the party up their with Praline meeting up with her Paula

  5. Those are such wonderful snuggle memories.

  6. Nice pics from yesteryear, Angel Sei-Chan.
    Having just updated my laptop, with all of my precious photos, I too have gone through some weirdness with grabbing older photos, so you are not alone, #1.

  7. Such sweet memories of the Rainbow Bridge gang.

  8. Beautiful photos, and such sweet memories. Purrs

  9. Loved all those precious memories and snuggles.

  10. We LOVE your pictures from 2015 today! They are all such wonderful Memories! And we gotta say, Mom wished she got her external hard drive for storage sooner. Purrs Marv

  11. Aww, I love these snuggle pics. We do need more of them.


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