Sunday, 8 May 2022

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Welcome, everyone! As you know, snuggles are very important to us and I really enjoy hosting our weekly Snuggles on Sunday post.

We did rather well this week, because I have been going to visit #1 in bed quite regularly in the mornings (Ollie and Benny sleep with her. I don't), and so she was able to take some good photos!

I love to share her pillow:

And then Benny wakes up and comes for his morning snuggles:

Of course, Benny and Ollie always snuggle a lot together and, often, you can't see where one ends and the other begins!

And Benny also likes to snuggle up to #1 when she is watching TV in the evenings.

#1 managed to grab a quick snuggle selfie with Mama Hotesse:

And there is a fun shot of her with Melba, a pittie belonging to a friend of Ms. C's. Her name is Melba and she is a real peach!

We hope you have enjoyed this week's snuggle pics. Remember, every snuggle counts!


  1. On the pillow is a good place to be, Tama. That is where Eric often slept if he wasn't actually on my head. You all have the best snuggles.

  2. snuggies are huge here, and Beau is an only son and gets all the snuggies ..

  3. Wonderful snuggle pictures ! Purrs

  4. Terrific Snuggles! We LOVE Snuggles on Sunday at the Poupounette! And Cinnamon thanks Ollie for his wonderful advice. She is being a really good grrl. Purrs Marv

  5. Love all the snuggles this week!
    I love snuggles too :)
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Y'all seriously do have the best snuggles and we smile when we see them!

  7. I love this week’s snuggles!

  8. What great snuggles you all had this week.

  9. How could you not smile when you've got such lovely pals to hug?

  10. When petcretary needs more snuggles she sure knows where to find them...not that we don't...but yours are always the best!
    (Us pups are not allowed in the bedroom...)


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