Friday 20 May 2022

V&H Vendredi


Heloise: Youthful Neighs, Everyone! There hasn't been much about me lately, with all those birthday pics last week so #1 said I could host today's post. We have shared some photos of the past couple of weeks but we stil have more!

Let me start with this nice one of me that #1 took:

As you know, I am now The Big V's number one girl. #1 took this nice one of the two of us the other day:

And Ms. C took this one from the back. You can see that when it comes to treats, The Big V is only interested in getting as many as possible!

We have a couple of lovely pics of my Mama, Hotesse:

Isn't she just gorgeous?

And here is my big Sis, Violette. Don't you think the shadows if the lights on her when she was getting her nails done are funny?


  1. you all are so super beautiful.... and friday with the big v's is the best riday of the whole week :O)

  2. You look beautiful, Heloise, in fact you all look magnificent.

  3. ditto easy remark of All of you are beautiful.

  4. Heloise, you look so lovely. I like your black coat and it shines in the sun! The shadow on Violette's body is really cool! Looks like a tattoo ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. You sweeties sure do look fabulous, enjoy those treats!

  6. Those are great pictures of all of the equine members of the Poupounette gang.

  7. Beauty is a talent you don't need to practise, and you all are very beauteous! Um...well, Vidock is handsome!

  8. I loved seeing you all today.


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