Sunday 15 May 2022

Super Snuggles on Sunday!


Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends, and welcome to our weekly snuggle post! Why "super" this week? Because we have an awesome line-up of photos for you! As you know, three of the horses had birthdays this week, so #1 got lots of photos with them. I think we shall start with this lovely one of The Big V and Heloise, who is now his number one girl:

Next up is Hotesse who was looking lovelier than ever on her birthday!

Miss Violette:

The Big V:

Miss Heloise:

And an extra one of #1 with both The Big V and Heloise!

And now to the rest of us.  I have been doing my usual snuggling with #1:

And there have been mornings when all of us have been with #1 on her bed!

Mr. G and Ms. N came to visit us yesterday and he took some great pics also, such as this one of #1 and Benny:

And this is just one of a great series of pics he took of #1 and Ollie:

Thank you, Mr. G, for always taking such great pics of us with your big Nikon camera!


  1. As always you have lovely Sunday Snuggles photos.

  2. Sunday snuggles=happy hearts! Hats off to the talented Mr G!

  3. these are for sure Nikon Moments and make me feel happy. your birthday horses are just so beautiful and the snuggles are so much fun, wish I could snuggle them too

  4. Great selection of hugs pics!
    Gotta say, the #1, Vidock and Heloise one is my favorite.

  5. Y'all really look most happy with those wonderful snuggles!!!

  6. Those are all such great snuggle pictures. We especially love the ones of the Big V and Heloise.

  7. Such a fine bunch of selfies!!!
    I feel sad for humans that do not have furbabies to give them hugs and kisses.
    Purrs, Julie

  8. You all look so good!

  9. BIG horsedoggies call for supersize hugz!

    All of the pictures are wonderful!


  10. Great snuggles this week, especially the horses! I love that first one of Vidock and Heloise.

  11. Nice snuggle shots this week!


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