Friday 6 May 2022

Feline Friday


Benny: Meeyegheow.....! Benny here! #1 said I could host Feline Friday this week, and I thought I would start with an image of me helping her at the computer:

I am extending a paw in case she needs something.

Sometimes I sing to her. She says I vocalise more than any other cat she has ever had!

I also work hard at keeping #1 in bed as long as possible in the mornings. She needs her rest!

Sometimes, Queen Tama and I do double duty at the computer (sorry about the mess!).

At other times, even though she stil hates me, we hang out together.

Oh! And before I go, there is someone I want you to meet! I know he looks a lot like me, but this is Odie. He is Mr. G's cat!

Isn't he a cool dude?


  1. we help the mama too ith sending mystic messages... her friends are very surprised wehen they get a mnaaann49fj29nnn

  2. Love that photo of you spreadeagled on the bed keeping #1 in place!

  3. Benny, it's try to keep #1 in bed, but Sweetie meows in my ear, walks across my body, and does her best to wake me up. Guess she likes my can-opening skills.

  4. the two of you do look a lot alike.. good job keeping her in bed.. Beau helps me by laying his 20 pound head on the keyboard and drooling...

  5. You are such a good helper to #1, Benny. It's nice to see you and Tama being able to nap so close together.

  6. How nice to see so much of you today, Benny! And Odie is adorable too.

  7. You are a super helper Benny and it's nice that Tama helps out too. WOW, Odie is good looking too!

  8. Great hosting are a delight!!

  9. Benny, you are such a ham! Odie looks like you so much! Twins with other fathers? Tee-hee!


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