Monday 16 May 2022

Manly Monday


Benny: Mrrrggghhhewowwww! Benny here! How are you all? I am happy to be kicking off Manly Monday with this shot of me waiting for my morning treats. As I sleep with #1, I get treats both in the morning and at bedtime!

And here I am at the open kitchen window! There are lots of cool lizards to watch!

Ollie: #1 managed to get a flying ears shot of me in the garden!

And Mr. G took this one of me with my stuffies:

The Big V: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! When the farrier came to get me in teh field for my hooficure last week, #1 got this great shot of me:

And I think this head shot is quite cool.

I am in fact wearing Heloise's head collar. The farrier put mine on her and vice versa, but #1 said this one really suited me as well!

We wish you all a good week.


  1. you have lizards? bring some to us please ;O)))

  2. You are all looking handsome and manly. You are standing very nicely, Vidock.

  3. Gee Benny, I wish I had lizards to watch!
    I like your stuffie Ollie :) Vidock, you would look great in any head collar!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. you do indeed look Manly and also very handsome. Lizard watching is fun and we all do it here too

  5. Benny, we can see that you are the rascal that Tama-Chan believes you to be!

  6. Vidock, who is hiding behind you?

  7. You boys are all looking great. We especially love that picture of the Big V.

  8. Amazing, you look amazing, each and every one of you boys!

  9. Lulu: "Ollie, you obviously love your stuffie very much! Do you know how to make them squeak? I have lots of stuffies but I'm no good at squeaking them. I think maybe they're all broken or—"
    Java Bean (with stuffie): *squeak squeak squeak squeak*
    Chaplin: "Maybe you should ask Java Bean to give you some tips, Lulu."

  10. Such handsome boys you all are!


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