Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends. As I have already mentioned, #1 left for Paris by the early(ish) train and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon or evening. Aside from seeing her eye surgeon, she will also eat out and go to the movies with one of her cousins who will put her up tonight. I suppose she does need airing out occasionally...

This is what I am left with.

Ah well, he has a new toy that's been keeping him busy. You'll hear about it on Thursday.

I've been practicing my sultry look:

And spending some pillow time with #1:

#1 tells me we will have visitors for several days next week, and they love cats, have one of their own, so lots of cuddles in perspective!


  1. I hope all goes well with the eye surgeon, and that #1 has a lovely time with her cousin. It will be nice to have extra cuddles with your visitors next week.

  2. yay for more cuddles coming. nothing beats hugs and cuddles. love you crossed paws and tell #1 thanks for finding out about da weims and letting us all know.

  3. Purrrrhaps #1 will bring you all a souvenir of her time in Paris -



  4. Airing out #1 once in awhile seems reasonable, Tama-Chan...hehehe!

  5. We hope #1 has a good visit to Paris and is home quickly. You look beautiful in all your pictures, Miss Tama-Chan.

  6. Mum remembers when #1 came to meet her in Paris. It was a wonderful day. What movie?

  7. We hope everything goes well wiith the eye surgeon and wish #1 a fun trip to Paris. Purrs

  8. We hope something good comes from the eye surgeon. Tama, you look devine girl!

  9. After what Olloe rolled in, you aren;t kidding when you say #1 needed an airing out.

  10. I had to 'biggefy' that first picture...then I saw Ollie and Benny, LOL!!
    Hope all will go well with the eye surgeon and we hope your #1 will have a marvelous time with her cousin.

  11. Visitors? It sounds like you have something to look forward to!

  12. Mew mew mew Tama Chan you due sultry purrfectlee!!!
    Guud luck #1! Wee hope eye appointmint goess well...
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


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