Monday 23 May 2022

Manly Monday


Vidock: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! I would like to wish you all an excellent week. Here are a couple of pics of me and my #1 girl, Heloise, to help you get off to a good start!

Oh, and if you are at all squeamish, my advice is NOT to scroll down to the end of this post. You do NOT want to see Benny's contribution this week. No, no, no, NO!

Ollie: Here are a couple of pics of me and my girls, with a guest appearances by The Big V and Heloise!

Benny: Just call me BENNY, THE MIGHTY HUNTER!!! Yesterday afternoon, #1 heard a bunch of noises coming from the kitchen and thought I might be up to something, so she came to check, and this is what she saw!

Are you screaming yet? I was very disappointed that #1 didn't scream... Not even a whimper. In case, you are wondering, it's a grass snake and completely harmless. The long, thin tail, and the round pupils are the two indications. Anyway, she wondered if it was dead or just playing dead. She went to get a bucket, gloves and a spade and scooped it into the bucker and took it to the back of the garden where she put it in a woodpile. When she went back several hours later, it was gone. She took it away from me but at least she recorded my exploit so I could share it with you!


  1. Hello all you handsomes!
    Benny, that was a great catch!! I am not at all scared of snakes, I rather think they are interesting creatures, and where we are none are any we find are rescued and sent over our fence to try to resume life as a free snake and not a puppy toy, BOL!

  2. have you seen the running girl? that was our mama... shallwe call da gendarmerie or do you think she will be back till lunch ? hahahahahaha

  3. There wouldn't be any screaming here - how cool Benny snagged a snake!

    I did get to encounter one of the neighborhood khats yesterday - I was just surprised as it ran - but I don't think The Chat was too bothered by me for it just ran to the end of the backyard and watched to return -

    My #1 says she likes the brand's other products too - she tried the skillet gnocchi with a BOGO and a coupon!
    She's like that -


  4. we like our snakes and we did not scream, i know a few people who would though. so glad it was not harmed. that was a big catch for a small cat. love the photo of 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 Lady

  5. Y'all look fabulous and WOW Benny, that was quite the prize you brought in just for #1!!!

  6. You boys are all looking great today! Our mom would have been screaming to find a snake in the house. We have harmless garter snakes that live around our patio, but she and our dad just think they are cool to watch (they too are harmless).

  7. I dare say that you earned the Manliest this Monday dear Benny!!

  8. Wow ! That is a big snake ! Our calico Buddy found a snake burrow and waited every afternoon for the snake to appear and then she'd pounce on it and squeak til I came and rescued the snake.
    So many handsome men today !

  9. You are indeed a Mighty Hunter, Benny! Flynn once found an adder's nest and would bring back the babies to me every day. Thankfully he never brought the mother back, or got bitten.

  10. Oh my gosh! Yeah, I'd have done some serious screaming! And running! And well, probably some hyperventilating.. Braver than me, both of you!

  11. Lulu: "Oooh, if there's anything that'll bring the folks running here, it's finding a snake in the yard, because so far the score is four rattlesnakes and only two harmless snakes. Anything that slithers needs close inspection from the Dada!"

  12. Snakes and lizards faint when they are caught my human has learned this first hand, MOL! She loved reptiles as a kid.


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