Friday 13 May 2022

Festive Friday with Hotesse, Violette and Vidock!


Hotesse: Wise neighs, everyone, and welcome to our festive post! Why festive? Because we have three, count them, THREE birthdays this week! I kicked off the ball on Wednesday, followed by The Big V on Thursday, and today is my daughter Violette's birthday! Isn't that fun?

Let me start with a photo taken by #1 on my birthday. She of course came to visit me and bring me treats!

You know, 27 is a grand old age for any horse, but it is particularly rare in Percherons. Just like large dogs vs small dogs, the draft breeds tend to have shorter lifespans. I guess I am lucky and have pretty good genes, eh? And you know the best thing? I am now living my golden years in a place where I am loved and well taken care of, and I would like to say a special thank you to those among our blogging friends who helped #1 make that happen three years ago. She could not saved me and my youngest daughter, Heloise without the generosity of friends. As you know, my joints are a bit creaky but, as #1 says, so are hers! I get the right medication and #1 and Ms. C say I look really good! Here is another shot of me taken a few days ago:

The Big V: Handsome Neighs, everyone! Can you believe that I am 13 years old? I still feel like a three year old! Of course, this is what I looked like when I was three:

Do you see my bro, woofie Tommy in the picture?

And this is what I look like now:

Don't you think I have improved with age?

Violette: Pretty neighs! Today is my birthday! I am also 13 today, just like The Big V. #1 tells me that I grow more beautiful with each passing year!

I look a lot like my Mama, Hotesse, except that I am bigger. You can see it in this picture, where I am on the left and mama is on the right:

I am eagerly waiting for #1 to arrive, with apples and carrots!


  1. happy birthday to you all... and we hope for many many many more

  2. You are all looking wonderful! Happy birthday to all three of you. It is nice to see Tommy too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Hotesse,Vidock and Violette!!!
    Lets hope that you'll celebrate many more birthdays, together with #1!

  4. PAWty in the paddock for all these horse doggies!

    I will share my carrots!


  5. Happy Purrthday to one and all. Mum says she remembers when Hotesse and Heloise came to stay. Has it already been three years!

  6. Happy Horsey Birthdays! You all look very good, and it was nice to see a photo of Tommy, too!

  7. Happy 13th Birthday to Vidock and Violette!
    And a special Happy Birthday to Hotesse, the Grand Dame!

  8. all three of you are really, really beautiful. age becomes you all

  9. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday

  10. Happy 13th Birthday Violette!!! Vidock, at 13 you are looking super handsome :)
    Mama Hotesse looks great too and I am so happy you and Violette were rescued!!!! Happy Birthday Hotesse. A lovely day for celebrating all those birthdays!
    Purrs, Julie

  11. All of you sure look most wonderful and we wish each of you a most Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to all three of you. We're so glad our mom could help bring Momma Hotesse and Heloise into #1's care. You all sure have the best mom possible.

  13. Happy birthday to all three of you!

  14. Happy Birthday to all you equines ! And many more !


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