Tuesday 24 May 2022

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: I don't think we mentioned that #1 is gone again, did we? Well, it's just a quickie this time. She left early afternoon yesterday and should be back late afternoon today. She is doing some interviews for an article she is writing, and prospecting some hotels for the British Equestrian Federation.

I am so glad I did not go anywhere near the kitchen when that scamp was up to his "exploit." How gross was that?

Here is a nice shot of me doing a single dangle in a sunpuddle on one of the little cat trees:

Looking cute for #1:

And catching up on beauty sleep:

I think I'll do that until #1 gets back, so I am wide awake for my snuggles with her!


  1. oooh how interesting... we hope she found many ideas for her article ...

  2. Those are all cute photos. I hope #1 had a productive day.

  3. standing ovation for the single dangle. conserve that energy for your evening snuggles.

  4. Keep the homefires burning, Tama-Chan.
    I've had to scope out hotels for events too; it's an interesting process.

  5. You look so peaceful while you're napping, Miss Tama-Chan.

  6. You are a vision of lovliness, dear Tama !!

  7. Those are wonderfully cute photos sweet Tama!

  8. Your #1 sure is a busy lady!!
    And you Tama are beautiful as always!


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