Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Toysday with Tama-Chan

Tama-Chan: As we all know, playing is the ultimate purpose in life and brings with it so many enriching experiences. I love to play and today, I want to feature some of my favourite games.

The other day, I mentioned my pheasant feather. Do you have a pheasant feather because if you don't, get your people to find you one! They are the best and they are also very, very pretty! I like to play with mine in our tatami space...

But also on #1's bed which provides a pristine surface:

I also love to play on my various cat trees. #1 caught me this morning as I batted the mousie on the downstairs one:

I am of course happy to share this feature with my housemates. You all know that Tommy is a real softie so he likes to play with his cuddly toys when he is at home:

or drop fairly loud hints at #1 about wanting to play with her outside...

As for the back room... electronic surveillance has yielded the following images:

The little climbing tree and the noise-making tunnel. Baby stuff...


  1. You all have some great toys! I love all my toys too. I hope your #1 gets the little guy a feather so he doesn't steal yours Tama-Chan.

    Your friend,

  2. Hahaha Tommy, subtlety is not your strong point :P Tama-Chan, your feather looks like a lot of fun. We have never had a feather to play with, but are inspired to find one:)

  3. Oh my goodness you've been invaded by a baby cat too! Oh my what is the world coming to when a mancat can't find peace and quiet anywhere?!

  4. You all look wonderful playing with your different toys! Tama-Chan have you ever played with a peacock feather? They are big and great fun! (until there's nothing left...but it takes a lot of hard playing to get to that point).

  5. It looks like all of you had such a terrific time playing! You definitely have a wide assortment of toys.

    We were wondering your opinion: Do you think it would be ok if we just bought a blanket for the crate for right now until we get the puppy housebroken? We can always buy the bed later, yes? (This is a hot debate in the house at the moment.)

  6. Cool toys! I don't have a pheasant feather of my own, but sometimes I find pigeon feathers outside and carry them around on my walks. Perhaps I should bring one home to add to my mountain of a toy collection...

  7. Well, little Sir is smart to start out on the baby toys, and when he gets bigger, he can play with the big cat toys!

  8. Kinda like my favourite toy: WUBBA!!!

    It is soon time fur the alien khreature from the bakhk room to emerge and dazzle woo!


  9. Oh I'm so jealous of the fun you are having!!! I want to play with a fev-ver like that.


  10. Play is really good. So are soft beds.


  11. Tom and Tama-Chan: I have nothing against the French, just Frenchies, as in French Bulldogs, as in those named Francesca and Sharkey. ;)

  12. Pawsome toys! We like our fevvers too, but we do not has a pheasant one.

  13. Those toys rock! You guys have lots of stuff to play with! Don't be embarrassed Tommy, I have a stuffed animal myself...

  14. I do have a fevver like that, Tama-chan! But I don't think it came from a pheasant, I think it came from a turkey. Tallulah is playin' in a crinkly house that I outgrew DAYS ago!

  15. Awwww... how nice to play with feather!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  16. Oh my, that is SOME action going on in the back room! We can't wait to see you all united. That is going to be mayor fun. Mom's face got a desperate expression when you ordered she should get a pheasant feather for us. Hahahaha!

  17. A pheasant feather sounds like a good idea. We have lots of pheasants at the summer house. Maybe we should try and catch one?

    When are you all moving in together? We can hardly wait.

  18. Thunder loves all his toys but especially balls, the more the better. The older two aren't too interested in their toys anymore.

    It is a lot of fun to watch kitties play with feathers. Hope Sir can get one too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  19. Tom you get cuter every time we see you!

    Love seeing you playing with your toys!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie


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