Friday, 27 March 2009

Fangs on Friday!!!!!

Tama-Chan: Tee Hee Hee! That stopped you in your tracks, didn't it?! I know that today is FROOTBAT Day but #1 and I thought we would have a bit of fun with this photo she took of me a few days ago:

That pheasant feather really was irresistible!!!

And now onto this week's Frootbat shots. First me...

Next is Grandmama, Viña del Mar:

And finally, Frootbat-in-Training "Sir." This is the best we could do in one of the 2 second windows in which he is not dashing about madly:

By the way, in reply to those who asked, it was #1's leg that Sir was climbing up. She is sticking exclusively to twill pants and jeans at the moment!


  1. Wowie, what excellent frootbat company #1 is enjoying at the moment.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. Here in our household, we greatly admire and respect fangs. We love yours, too!

    When someone touches your ear (or gets close to it), do you automatically fold it back, or do you try to flick the irritant away? We are not ear-folders here. Unless we are annoyed and angry.

    Abby & Stygia

  3. Tama-Chan, I just saw that we're up against each other in the Kitty Fight Club! This is going to be impawssible - you are the cutest of cute!
    Oh noes, Chilli

  4. I know, Chilli! I put a comment to that effect on Misha's blog. It's just CRUEL!!!!


  5. Thank you so much for stopping in, your condolences, and your very kind words. Really means so much to us, thank you!

  6. Oh my sooooo skhary!

    And oh so khute too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. OMD that first picture made us laugh out loud this morning!!!

    Don't get use wrong, we LOVE frootbat friday but those fangs... priceless!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  8. Sir, I have to say it: You are fierce!!! In no time, you will be ruling all the humans around you. You will lure them in with your cuteness and then sink the bite on them!

  9. kittens seem to have extra sharp, needle-like teeth and claws...but we forgive them for it, mol.

    And lovely bunch of batty photos, too!

  10. The little girls are greatly enjoying the new photos of Little "Red", in response to this BG has posed for a Friday Funny for you all to enjoy! ;) She's a goofy girl... :)


  11. Sir is just toooooo cute! It's very nice to meet all of you!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  12. Love the fangs! You are all beautiful cats!!!

  13. Even your fangs are adorable, Tama-Chan. Ooops, we mean fierce! Little Sir is really getting the hang of frootbat, isn't he?

  14. Fanks for the fang shot!

    I can see where you get your good looks from, TC!

  15. Fangs and Frootbat Friday dat is definitely a noo concept!

  16. What a wonderful week of photographs. Tama is looking like quite the grown-up ladycat these days. And Tom of course, is his handsome self--a furry action hero!

    We went to the dog run this evening - a corner of an asphalt parking lot but at least the dogs can play off leash. Petey locked on to a rotten tennis ball and actually ran underneath another dog in his urgent attempt to catch it!

    Have a great weekend! Pats to all the 4-leggeds!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica (and their Mom!)

  17. Great frootbat shots. Funny, because my brother Chester is constantly darting around too, just like Sir!

  18. Grandmama is quite the lady, isn't she?


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