Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Six Weeks Old!

#1: Today, little "Sir" is 6 weeks old! He is becoming more and more energetic and his mother is now playing with him, which is great. I have a feeling that once he and Tama-Chan get together, things are going to get pretty lively around here!

It's getting harder and harder to take good pictures because the little guy moves so fast all of the time, but here are a couple from this morning:

Poor Tommy is still sporting his bandage although I left it off last night in the hope that it would help the healing process. He did get a good run around the castle moat this morning and then cuddled with his toys.

And Tama-Chan of course cuddled up to him...

As for my sortie to Paris it just so happens that the gallery where the opening was is located very close to a pretty famous Parisian landmark:

And I couldn't resist this either, of course...


  1. Oh my!

    We love the furst pikh! Working the little paws!

    Oh yes....lively it soooo shall be!

    Merci pour sharing the autre phots!


  2. I hope your boo boo is getting better. Its hard to keep those paw pad cuts clean.

    Little Sir is growing up so fast. I'll bet he really zooms around. Watch out!


  3. It's : "Le rouge et le noir".
    It's a joy to see Mama playing with her son, Tama with her Tom & Tom with his toy.
    ViVi & AB

  4. Glad to know that Tom's pawpad is healing, that Tama-Chan is snuggling...and that little Sir is playing! The picture of him on the bed in the sun with his mama is so lovely!

  5. Tama-Chan it is very nice of you to snuggle with Tommy when he is not feeling well! Sir how is it that you are getting even cuter?

  6. Sorry you paw is still hurting Tom. When do you get to play with your new little bro?

    Thanks for recognizing my artistic heart in the brownie pan. I don't think that Barbara appreciated my belated valentine though.

    Your friend,

  7. OMG Sir is just too precious to even look at!! such a beautiful kitteh!! I love the first picture showing off your big paws!!

  8. We love Le Chat Noir! We have that poster! Looks like sir is growing up faster than you thought! He is such a sweetie and a big cutie!


  9. Little Red Sir is cute, cute, cute! I hope he doesn't make Tommy chase him until his paw pad heels.

    We love the snuggly pictures. What a happy family!

    Do you have any photos of the art you saw? We are intrigued.

  10. Salut,

    Ces photos me disent quelques chose ! :)
    Ravi de découvrir ton blog.
    Je reviendrais avec un décodeur, dès que j'ai un peu plus de temps.

    A bientôt, nicolas

  11. Oh he's going to be Trouble!! Hehe, I wish I could help him and Tama-Chan make some trouble!!


  12. that little Sir is sure a cutie pie. he and Tama-Chan and Tom are going to be bestest buddies as soon as he arrives.


  13. Little Sir is getting cuter every time I see him.

    Can we have some video of him in action?

  14. Psssssst, it's us again. Thank you for your good wishes for tomorrow's exam. Apparently it's pretty strange to really write the last exam in one's student career. Mom is feeling all philosophical - hihihi.
    Sir is so cute! Happy 6 weeks birthday, little one. I was about that age when mom first met me. Unbelivable, I'll become 1 year in April! All the best for Tommy's paw, too. Hi, Tama-Chan!
    Purrs, Siena

  15. Very cute pictures. But Tom, you have to be careful of your paws! We need our paws to do lots of things including run around.


  16. Ah, le chat noir,le moulin rouge. Oui cést tres important a voir en est a Paris.
    hehehe Sorry for the bad french. I never was in Paris! It is surely not far away.
    Little Sir is cute playing with his mom.
    Hope you get well soon Tom!!!
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  17. What fun your castle is! Sir is growing like a week. Tama-Chan will be so excited to have someone her own size to tumble with. Poor Tommy. We hope your booboo is better by tomorrow.

  18. Sir is six weeks old already? Holy cats!
    You guys are our cuddling inspiration! ;)
    We hope Tommy's paw feels better soon.


  19. Little Sir is so cute - we need to see a video of him doing his zoomies:-) The pics are all great - hope the boo boo heals quickly.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  20. Dear tom..please watch your have only four paws!
    Miss Moussie is knitting socks for Gustave ...shall I ask her to knit some for you too..
    You are going to have very lovely lively springtime together:)

  21. Hey! The lady has a Le Chat Noir cookie jar that someone gave her. Alas, it is on top of the fridge with no cookies in.

    I like anything Le Chat Noir. I think I look exactly like the cat that sits on top of that cookie jar.

    Nice photos of the family. That little sir is going to be a handful!

  22. What a lovely little sweet!! Makes me think of when my Elora was so small!! Hope the paw gets better soon!! :)

  23. OH wow that is SO cool!! What an outing number 1, my momma eyes lit right up! :)
    Little Sir.. just bubbles, you is like a little soft bubble, momma looks at you in wonderment, and prettiness, though she assures me it is in a man cat way...
    I can;t wait to see you play with Princess Tama-Chan :)
    Poor Tom, I does feel for you, woofie even, it is good to let boo boo air and let woofies lick them.. momma says they haves something in their spit that.. ok that is just gross now.. hehe

  24. Sir is super cute! Looks like he loves to play.

  25. "Sir" is absolutely precious! We are very fortunate to be able see him grow up from such a tiny kitten.

  26. We're so looking forward to when Tama-Chan gets to meet Sir.

    Cuteness overload.


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