Saturday, 14 March 2009

"Sir's" Movie Debut!

Tom: OK, I get to do the honours today and, as promised, you get to see the little red beast in action (which is more than Tama-Chan and I have so far)!

The first video was taken when "Sir" was five weeks old

And the second at six weeks:

Since I am hosting this post, and there were no photos of me yesterday, I thought I would enhance your viewing pleasure even further with a couple of shots of me as the all-conquering hero, scaling the castle moat...

And master of all I survey!


  1. Tommy you be very powerful to be the master of all that land!

    The videos of Sir were SO cute! He moves awfully fast for such a little guy!

  2. Oh boy. We're just going to try and wake our mum up, after she fainted from total cuteness overload! What a perfect little baby. Your grandmama sure is patient :)

    Tommy, what a fantastic playground you have. It must be so lovely to run about out there :)

  3. Tommy, you have your own moat? That is so cool! Sir is a pint-sized kyootie! We think he is very lucky to have his Mama all to himself, too!

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  4. Sir is just sooo cute! Mom keeps squeeing!

    Tom, you look very handsome, as always.

  5. Tommy.. The King of the Castle..
    Super Cute videos...
    Happy weekend to you all..

  6. Sir looks so cute but also like a handful. His mother must be very patient.

  7. Please more videos !

    ViVi & AB

  8. Loved the movies! Sir is a little ball of energy!

    You should come visit me Tom so we can storm the forts on my island since you're already an expert at castle seiging. I've been to one here, but I can't figure out how to get past the thick wooden front door. Maybe an extra set of gnashing teeth might help.

  9. Oh that sweet kitty!

    We believe we could watch him play for hours!

    We LOVE the pictures of you Tom!

    We agree with Dutchess... you are the king of the castle!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  10. He is a lively little guy Tommy. And he looks like he has the potential to take over the place if you don't watch out. I am getting a lot of experience with a little brother trying to take over so I am just giving you fair warning. Stay king of the castle!

    Your friend,

  11. Tommy, you must have had a great time scaling the castle moat-mom says moats used to have all kinds of things in them that you might like to smell-did you smell anything good?
    "Sir" is a dashing fellow, isn't he? And so curious! I think and hope that he and Tama-chan will get along famously!

  12. Hi friends,

    Wow those are some great videos of the Sir and he s co cute.

    I'm gonna be doing a brother/sister post soon & would like you both to be a part of it. Mommy just loves the pictures if you laying togehter. Will it be OK.

    We are also gonna do a post about the coming if Spring so if you have a picture of you with spring flowers please send it to us.


  13. The Petit Alien Hunter is furry khute!

    AND woo look soooo ruggedly handsome out there!


  14. Nothing cuter than kitten videos! I just love it when they play with their mommy's tail! And we have tents just like that here at Furrydance and the kittens climb them just like Sir...lots of fun!

    And a moat! Such a lucky dog you are, and you look real kingly there too!

  15. Little Sir looks so cute, not being able to make up his mind whether he's playing with the ball or his mama's tail! and Tom looks magnificent as king of the castle.

  16. What an excellent playground you have, Tommy! Better save some energy, though--looks like you & Tama Chan will have your paws full when "Sir" finally breaks out of his room!

  17. Sir is such a little charmer!

  18. omg sir you is too much cute!!! I love how u walk and climb up the house!! daisuki!!

  19. Little Sir, you are so lively, nosey and cute! What a joy to watch you!!! We are so curious for your real name... Our tip: Pick some easy to spell! HAHAHAHA!
    And Tom, that is a great castle to roam.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  20. How is it possible that #1 managed to shoot both of those videos without any "ooohhhhs" and "aaaahhhh" noises in the background? Mommy was repeating them over and over just watching!

    Tama - we miss you, you're still the prettiest girl in Le Perche!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  21. What a precious little man! Looks like he could be the jester in your castle, Tom.

  22. hi Tom, those are some cute videos of Sir. he sure looks like a hunter!

    that is a real castle you are visiting. we've never seen a castle. apparently it looks like there is no water in the moat. if there were, it would be easy to swim - unless there were alligators in it. it looks like a pretty steep hill.



  23. Tom! That is so steep, do you have some spider suction cups on your paws to keep you from slipping down?!?!? But wow the castle looks so very beautiful, momma would love to just "feel" the history :))
    Now.. thankyou thankyou thankyou for "awwwing" my momma senseless!
    Little Sir is so alert and curious and energetic, momma sees him as a warrior kitty.. and as a cute little snuggle ball that she wants to squeeze tight! :)

  24. Kitties are just too darn cute - Sir is adorable.

    And woo, Tom, are awesome, look at woo climb.

    Tail wags, the OP pack

  25. That is just too much cuteness for one post. Little "Sir" is so adorable! We loved the videos! Tom, you have the most lovely and amazing places to explore. You always have so much fun.

  26. Too cute, "Sir"!!!
    What a great Castle and a Prince Tom!
    kiss kiss kiss

  27. We love seeing Sir in action! Seeing him play makes us want to play as well. We just can't get over the one where he can't decide whether or not his mom's tail or the ball is a better toy!!

    Abby & Stygia


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