Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursday With Tommy

Tom: Well, I am still wearing my bandage when I am out and about during the day, so I should be feeling sorry for myself, but I am not! In fact, I had the most wonderful adventure with #1 yesterday afternoon and want to tell you all about it.

#1 has been looking for alternative places to take me on my runs, and a friend told her about a long walk near our local river (SMALL river!), where they have built a dyke to control the flow and prevent flooding of farmlands and pastures. It was the most wonderful place and there was nobody there but us!

And what's even better is that, afterwards, we went to visit my friend Sissi! I have spoken about her before. She is a beautiful Briard lady. She had a really tough start in life and so is frightened of most people and most things, but she loves other woofies! So, we had the most fun time playing at her house!

A little kiss for the lovely lady...

And now, please brace yourselves. As yesterday was the little one's 6-week birthday, #1 wanted a good commemorative photo. Amazingly enough, given that he is on the move 99% of the time, she succeeded! The quality of the light was such that she is calling this one "Golden Boy."

Finally, in response to the interest in the art opening that #1 went to in Paris on Tuesday, you can find the info on the artist and the exhibition here.


  1. What a grrrreat day woo had with a run and a beaWOOtiful Briard.

    I khan sooooo see the little smug khat look already on Sir!

    He does get points for the paw placement!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. We are happy to hear that you get a long so well with your beautiful lady friend. We hope that with time she learns to become more comfortable.

    Sir, you melt our mum's heart!

  3. Tommy, the river looks pawesome! What a nice woofie friend Sissi is. Sir does look like the Golden Boy!

  4. Very nice place to run Tom, and I hope soon to swim, Sisi is very beautifull, congratulations. She looks like women from Seville with the "mantillas". Tom you looks quite embarassed for where to kiss this wonderfull lady....
    Where is Tama Chan today?

    Vivi & AB

  5. It sounds like you had a great day Tommy!! That is a lovely lady that you are smooching on!

    Sir looks like a regal little boy in that picture! He must know that he will soon have run of the house with Tama-Chan!

  6. It's nice to see you got lots of time with #1 Tommy, it's even nicer to see Little "Red" looking so good! :) BG and LG are still busy swooning over him it seems... ;) They too are now on the go much of the time, though at only 3.5 weeks old they still need quite a lot of naps! However they are greatly enjoying some of the toys you sent over for them and us... :) The little cow is a BIG hit!


  7. What a great place for a run, Tom! Do you like to swim? There are some dogs that would have been right in that river, no matter what the weather was! Your ladyfriend is beautiful and i hope your friendship helps her heal. (You were smart to figure out which end of her was which, with all that very dark floof!). And tiny Sir, OMG he is cuteness personified!

  8. Tommy -- as Mommy has met your personally - she can't imagine you ever letting anything get you down. You are a sunny guy no matter what. Bet that Briard girl was happy to see you! There's a Briard in our neighborhood but he kind of scares me, so I tend to bark fiercely when I see him, just to let him know I may be short but I'm a toughie.

    Little Sir is now the same age Mica was when he came to live with us! Your photos look almost lifesize. Wonder how Tama-Chan will feel about sharing her cuddle buddy Tommy?

    Your pals,

    Petey (and Mica, too)

  9. Tommy you look like you had a great day at the Local river and playing at Sissi's!! She is very pretty!!
    That is such a great picture of your new brother!!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Maverick

  10. Isn't it awesome when our hoomans take the time to find new places for us pups to explore?! It looks like you had a great time!. My mom and I loved the picture of little Sir. The golden glow of the sun really sets that picture apart.

  11. What a great place to walk Tommy. Any place near water is always fun. You are such a gentleman with you Briard friend. I am sure that she is glad that you came for a visit.

    Your friend,

  12. Adventures AND foxy ladies? Tom, you live the sweet life!

    Mummy would say something about that photo of the Golden One, but she has just fainted from the cuteness.

  13. That looks like such a beautiful place to go on your run!

  14. You have so much room to roam, Tommy. And is that your girlfriend?
    My mom loves art so she will go look at the link!

  15. hi Tom, that looks like a great place for a walk and romp. we're glad that your paw is doing well enough to allow you to get out there. have you ever considered wearing dog shoes to protect your paws? we saw a little doggy at the dog park wearing them yesterday and they were pretty cute!

    little Sir is looking very handsome in his photo. he already looks like he is growing!


  16. The Box sounds like a wonderful place to stay, eat at and view intriguing art. I love Roussant's illustrations and they remind me just a bit of Hunter Thompson's fantasies.

    That is a lovely walking place for Tom. I love finding those special places where it's quietly beautiful.

    Wonderful briard girlfriend!

  17. Sounds like you found a GR-eat new spot for walks and trolloping! Lucky! We love the pictures, and happy 6-weeks to the little one!

  18. oooooh golden boy is absolutely as cute as can be. maw says so and she said she wanted to kiss his little head and paws and belly, she obviously is in love.

    great photos of the woofies!!

  19. All is well at The Poupounette as it seems. Wonderful!
    We are glad to have our mom back. She's exhausted but happy and said that the exam went well. Not great but well.

  20. We're a bit ambivalent about these post. We read all the very interesting stuff and then. Sir. And all is forgotten. Golden boy indeed.

  21. Sir Golden Boy - he has mischief written all over his cute little face.

    We have never seen a Briard - isn't she a beauty. Maybe one day she will learn to trust the humans again.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  22. The river looks like a lovely place to take a walk...or run. Sissi is adorable! That is an awesome picture of the little one.

  23. Great pix of you outside enjoying life Tom!

    That friend of yours is gorgeous!

    And little Golden boy... what a sweet heart!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  24. Tom, it looks like you had a great day.

    Sir seems quite pleased with himself.

  25. Tom I would never ever in a million years think you to be a "feel sorry for myself" kinda guy.. you is a wonderful upbeat buddie!
    And such sweet kissies for your little furiend, I bet she loves them :)
    Now little sir.. did you have to look so amazing or smile so big... it is hard for me to take mommas eyes away.. sheesh!
    Wow, the artist has his nose in a whole lot of things, which is great! It would have been a very interesting show! :)


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