Monday, 30 March 2009

Manly Monday and Meme

Tom: I am very happy to report that my paw is finally all healed and so yesterday, #1 got out the Chuck-it for the first time in three whole weeks! I had so much fun with the tennis ball which I love to catch in mid-flight (#1 always thinks I'm going to swallow it in full flight...). We got some good actions shots of me for Manly Monday:

In other news, #1 was tagged by our friend Nessa for a first name meme which she found quite challenging, given the first letter of her name... Here it is:

01. What is your name? Virginia. The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.

02. A four letter word? Vein … Got mine poked last week when I gave  blood plasma

03. Girl's name: Vivienne - one of my cousins

04. Boy's name: Vivaldi (yes, OK… it’s a surname, but I like his music!)

05. Occupation: Vet (The Guardian Angel who looks after Tom and Tama-Chan)

06. Color: Violet (are there any other colours starting with V?)

07. Piece of clothing: Velvet Cape (once… in my youth…)

08. Food: ”Viking” (what the Japanese call an all-you-can-eat buffet)

09. Item in the bathroom: Vitamins

10. Place/City: Viña del Mar (Tama-Chan’s Grandmama but also a beautiful town in Chile where my brother lives!)

11. A reason for being late: Venue confusion!

12. Something you’d yell: Vale! (did a bit of Latin in my younger days…)

13. Movie: “Vertigo”

14. Something you can drink: Vin Rouge or Vin Blanc (this is France, you know!)

15. Band: Van Morrison (not a band, but he is Van…)

16. Animal: Vicuña

17. Street name: Victoria Row (in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island)

18. Car: V8 (VroomVroom…)

19. Song: “Velocidade” by Cesaria Evora

20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Viennese Waltz!

We would like to tag the moms of our following friends to play: Abby & Stygia, Khyra, 9Kai and Chani, Misha, Velcro, and the crowd at Forever Foster. Have fun!

We suspect that some of you may be expecting a photo of our Mancat-in-Training...

Pretty cool and mancatly for 8 weeks, eh?! In answer to the questions, "Sir" is going for his first round of shots tomorrow, and will be ready to be introduced to Tom and Tama-Chan when his Mama goes home, at some stage over the next week. We don't want to leave her all by herself in the back room as she would get very lonesome.


  1. Tommy it must have been great to be out running about again. You're looking great:)

    Young Sir, you are growing into a very handsome young mancat. We are excited to hear how things go when you meet your brother and sister:)

    We will get our mum onto the meme.

  2. Woo look soooo furry happy yet manly too!

    Nice meme from your mom! Nessa's mom tagged my mom too!

    As for the mankhat in training...again, khute!


  3. Tommy you look so happy to be back to be back to normal! Little Sir is looking very manly today! Look at those teeth!!

  4. Yay, Tommy! You look very manly and especially delighted to be on a full romp again! Sir is growing kyooter by the minute!

    We think 'V' must have been a very challenging letter! Well done, #1!

  5. What a great post! We love the pictures and the meme. That WAS very challenging indeed.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  6. P.S.: Tommy, we are happy that your paw is alright again!

  7. Tommy, we're so glad your paw is all healed up. You look great running in the sunshine in your field. That was a very interesting and challenging meme your mom did...the letter V is a tough one! and it's so nice to get more information about little Sir and when he'll be joining the family in the front of the house!

  8. It looks like great fun to be able to run so far.

    Stygia says she is going to help mom out with the meme tomorrow!

    Those mancat paws.... cute!

    Abby Normal

  9. Tom, I love playing with tennis balls too. ~Fenris

    I would love some Vin Blanc this evening. ~Alasandra

    Little Sir, you are too cute for words. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  10. Tom
    I'm so vewy happy that youw paw is bettewew and you wewe able to go out and have a gweat wun!! you look supew!
    Virginia, that was pawsome, you did so well wif such a difficult lettew.
    siw is a feawsome mancat, hehehe what a dawling
    smoochie kisses

  11. I must say Little "Red" is looking good! :) Mummy's just been helping me with naming the kittens, so can you tell "Red" that his fan club consists of Setra and Enta and that Setra will be staying here with me, Ramses, Tigmut'hep, Mummy, Daddy and D'boy! :)


  12. Very manly Monday and that was a challenging meme, with a V!
    Sir is just about the age when my mom met my brother, but he stayed with his mama till he was about 10 weeks and then came to live at our house. Sir is adorable.....but just watch out, and he will be as crazy as my brother now is too!

  13. Tom, I am so happy that your foot is all better! I can tell you are filled with joy.

  14. Good to know your paw is OK, Tom. You look very handsome in those pictures. And your humans are very adept at taking pictures.

    Sir, you're fetching as always. You've got a great future in front of you ;-)

  15. Oh boy, do you look like you are having fun running around the field. That is the best!

  16. So good to hear about your paw being all healed - now just be very careful!!!

    Great "V's" too.

    What a great smile on Sir.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. Nice to see you frolicking free outside again!

  18. So glad to see you in your glory, Tom!!! You look ready to take to the skies in flight!!!

    Great meme! Very tricky with a "V".

    Sir is growing well, can't wait to see the first intros!!!

    Purrs, the Sumac felines

  19. Tom, glad your paw is better.

    V's are very, very vexing.

    Look at Sir's baby teef!


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