Saturday, 7 March 2009

Saturday Miscellany

Tom: I think you will all agree that there simply has not been enough of me in recent posts, so let me kick off with a photo:

I think blue is a good colour on me, don't you?

Now here is another photo, taken this morning. It's only after taking the photo that #1 realised that the area around my chest wasn't quite the colour it should be and there was something of an "aroma" around me.... Hee hee hee..... Even my collar was covered in it... #1 was not amused!

Fun run in the big field this morning...

Tama-Chan: I have recently discovered the game of hide and seek and wanted to share some photos with you of me playing:

And I suppose you will want the now obligatory shot of mother and baby...

To those who asked the question, yes, he is an only child! Having me for a big sister will be great for him, and so will be having his giant brother Tommy.


  1. oh Tom... I hope your fun run didn't bring on a bath... those are no fun.

    Fun hide-the-cat game!

    That kitten gets cuter every day. I bet Tom and Tama-Chan can't wait to meet that sweet kitty!

    Addie has a cat friend at the vet. The cat sits on the reception desk and Addie places her paws on the desk in front of the cat when she sees her. The cat loves to play with Addie's face. (The cat is a resident cat and does not have any claws. Lucky for Addie. LOL)

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  2. Tom, your photo says Stinky! Maybe it is a good thing we do not have smell-O-blogging!

    Tama-Chan, you are hiding so well, we can hardly see you!

    Sir is a litter of one? What about his Mama? If she is staying at your house, will you be keeping Mama as well?

  3. Tommy, once more you are outnumbered by the kitties, which means less camera time for you. I think the camera time should be redistributed by size and weight - then you'll be assured of getting your fair share!

    How is your field? Hope plowing hasn't begun yet! Any more flowers popping up? We're still waiting and waiting....

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica (who thinks photography by size and weight is a terrible idea)

  4. Eeeeew, Tommy! Just what did you do? Good to see you anyway!!!
    Great game Tama-Chan and it will be even cooler when you can show it to little red. You two are going to have so much fun together. We wish we could squee at a picture of you two snuggling with Tom already!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  5. O what a wonderful surprise this is...A "sir" about the house..:)Dear Tom your "the Man" of course!
    Happy Sunday to you all...

  6. I like how Petey thinks!

    Woo need more pikh time since woo are the big khanine on khampus!

    Sorry they didn't khare fur your khologne!


  7. what did you get into, Tom? did you get a bath after #1 saw and smelled you? that would be a bummer.

    that's a great hide and seek game, Tama Chan. and thanks for posting the photo of Sir. we can't wait until he comes to live with you.


  8. Nice derriere,TC! (Mummy has been teaching me French).

  9. E-w-w-w, Tom! Stink-o-rama!

    Tama-Chan, I can see your tail!

    Libamoli is really cute.

  10. What beautiful pictures. Well, except for the not-funny one of Tom. Oh no, we would never ever think of laughing about that!

    We want to play chase with you, Tama-Chan! We will find you! *sniff sniff* Least you smell sweeter than your brother, Tom.

    Sir is going to grow into one handsome guy, we can tell already!

    Abby & Stygia

  11. Oh Tommy, what have you been getting into? Did that result in a bath? It must be nice for #1 having Sir and the beautiful Vina Del Mar living with you.

  12. LOL--nothing better to a pup of any age than rolling in something good & smelly!

    Tama-Chan is such a good hider. And the wee one is so cute I may splort!

  13. Tom, blue looks great on you! whatever that eewie stuff you rolled in doesn't look nearly as good! Tama-Chan, we especially love the completely-hidden-except-for-tail tip picture! and ohhh Sir is getting cuter by the minute!


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