Monday, 2 March 2009

More Fun With Visitors!

Tom: Our visitors are still with us and everyone is settling into their routines. For a start #1 no longer gets terribly anxious every time ViVi heads for the hills, which is basically every time she goes out, since she comes back once she has completed whatever exploration was on her agenda for that moment.

Yesterday, we spent some time in my field in the afternoon. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a 'Pei in full action, followed by a Tommy in a hurry.

Tama-Chan has also been hanging out with ViVi. I guess she considers her a good colour match!

As for what is going on behind the closed doors, I overheard #1 tell someone on the phone that she was very proud of Mr. Junior who has just started eating real food, and used the litter box by himself this morning for all his needs. Hurray for "Sir"!

#1 actually managed to catch mother and son together, a hard job since Viña is not exactly a model mother and the little guy is left to his own devices most of the time.

And here is the baby, looking most regal!


  1. Vivi looks like a great friend. She sure looks like she has a lot of energy! It sounds like Sir is a good learner. And he is oh so cute!:)

  2. What great visitors!!!!! We love seeing all the shots of everyone socializing and Vivi romping through the wilds.

    Sir is pretty cute! His mom should be having a snugglefest with him!

    Purrs Goldie

  3. Very nice pictures of you and your visitors, Tom and Tama-Chan! It's great that they are all settling in so well. Too bad Viña isn't an attentive mom, because the little Sir is adorable and looks like he should be snuggled!

  4. Little red indeed looks regal on that red blankie. Viña, come on, he'll be gone soon enough! It is great that you all are getting along. Always something happening at your house!
    As for the introoder: Mom was interested in finding out wether he is an entire mancat but it was too dark to see anything. However, she is inclined to think that no one is so stxxxx to let a potent tomcat roam free... It is a mystery where he/she came from as the yard is enclosed by houses on all sides. Maybe new neighbours!? It was really creepy.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  5. Your mom is brave to let the doggies off leash even though they sometimes temporarily run off. My momma is a BIG CHICKEN and won't ever let me run even though I know I would come back.


  6. Hi Tom kun and Tama chan!
    It looks like you guys had a good weekend.
    Vivi chan 大きくてかっこいいわ!
    The little boy "Sir" かわいすぎる!
    日本の友達 マチルダ

  7. Awww... poor little fellow, you just bring him here Tama dear and I'll look after him! :) Just look at what a good job I've been doing with my own litter, they're growing up so fast and BG has learnt to look sweet and innocent already, where as LG seems to have learnt to wail the house down... Thank goodness Boy is quiet and likes posing for the camera! ;)


  8. How can Viña not want to cuddle her kitten? You and Tom might need to take over snuggling duties there.

  9. Ah! I see : "Sir" has stolen a heart!

    ViVi & AB

  10. Sir is sooo cute!! It sounds like you all had a fun weekend!

  11. I am very impressed with the bebbeh for already using the litter box on his own!

  12. Your field looks like fun, but doesn't the ground out there feel funny to your feet? Or is that something you just get used to if you go out a lot? We can only imagine.

    Adorable little sir and his pretty mom!

    Abby & Stygia

  13. Oooh we LOVE all the pictures!

  14. Lovely pictures, but sir... Oooh.

  15. That is great that you have a friend to run with in your field, Tommy. That little Sir is so cute and confident.

    Your friend,

  16. Your field romp looks soooo fun!

    And the little alien is khute!


  17. It must be fun for Tom to have a pal to run in the fields with.

    That, sir, is one cute kitty.

  18. Yoo shud has heard the SQUEEEEEE dat came out of the mom's mouth! She finks dat Vina is bootiful (she looks jus like TT even down to da green eyes)! Sir is a handsome fella too. What fun it is to smell new fings at yer house we bet!

  19. oh i totally thought little kitteh is you Tama-chan!! so cute!!!i love all those picture especially with so many alients!!


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