Friday, 20 March 2009

Frootbat Friday

Tama-Chan: The other day, I was sitting at the kitchen table, contemplating the great outdoors, and then I saw another me in the distance. Very odd! Has anyone else experienced such a phenomenon?

We went to the vet's yesterday. I had to have another blood test, the final one to make sure I hadn't caught anything from poor Sen-Chan, and I am just fine! #1 seemed very, very happy although I just hated the journey there and back. In fact, I was absolutely terrified, even though Tommy was with me all the time. 

Many of you have been asking when we are going to be joined by the alien in the back room. According to #1, he is scheduled to get his first round of shots on March 30th, so it will be some time soon after that.

In the meantime, he is learning kitten ways and is of course a FROOTBAT-IN-TRAINING!


  1. Dear Tama-Chan,
    First of all, we are SO glad to hear you are healthy! We love the way the light accents the beauty of your ears.

    We think that you are in for a real surprise after March 30th though. A fun one!

    Abby & Stygia

  2. That is great news Tama-Chan!! Don't worry -- I would have been scared too. It's good of Tommy to have kept you company.

    P.S. I think that's the cutest picture of Sir yet!

  3. We too are ever so relived about the test results, Tama-Chan! It shal be fun at your house after the 30th... Love the frootbattage you two got going on. Chilli did her own modest try today. And the Silky & Slender Crew badge is up!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Love that little frootbat in training!!

  5. YIPEEE!!! That's wonderful news from the vet! #1 must be tickled pink (That's a command - now go tickle her until she turns pink!) Are those more flowers we see outside your window? We have a brave crocus here and there but right now, it's snowing! And on the first day of Spring, too. Couldn't it have done this in January?

    Sir has excellent frootbat potential. And such a nice smiley face, too!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  6. What a furry khool shot of woo!

    Grrrreat news on your test results!

    We khan't wait fur the 'fun' to start when Sir is pawmitted out of the bakhk room!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. I'm glad to hear that you're 100% healthy, Tama-Chan! Sometimes I see a ghost dog in the sliding glass doors in my house or in the mirror in my mom's room. When I was younger that ghost dog would really get on my nerves and I'd growl and bark, but he would never leave!! I'm looking forward to the day when Sir can truly join the family!

  8. It's nice to be healthy! I'm glad to hear your good news, Tama-Chan.

    I wish my surprise were a new baby kitten to play with, and for that, I am terribly envious of you. Your new addition looks very cute and cuddly, and I bet he mews just as sweetly.

  9. Hi Tama-Chan

    Mirrors are better, but windows work as well. I spend long periods of time just admiring my own mancatly self in front of a mirror.


    PS: Olivia says I should say that it's good news that you're well and the little one is cute and so on and so forth.

  10. We just love when the sun shines right through our frootbat ears too!.

    Good news about your test results, FELV is a scary thing and it's great to know your system rejected it!! That is how viruses are...

    We think CRex kittens are super cute, but everytime Teri sees Sir, she makes this cooing sound...he is adorable and like a tiny version of you, Tama-Chan

  11. How absolutely gorgeous that reflection frootbat photo is, Tama-Chan! And we are delighted to hear of your clean bill of health!

    Sir has already got a pretty good frootbat going on!

  12. Tama-Chan, I am very glad to learn the results of your tests were good!

    I have seen a vision such as you see through the window. I am pretty sure it is your guardian angel that you can only rarely catch a glimpse of, but is always there looking out for you.

  13. Oh that picture is oh so cute!!!

  14. Tama-Chan, we are so glad to haer you are OK. Gorgeous pic of you in the window. Who is your pretty friend??

    Great mini-frootbat, Sir.

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  15. I am so relieved about your test results, TC! #1 and Tom must be very happy.

  16. Hello Tom and Tama-chan! Thank you for your visit to 9 and Chani's blog. I love your frootbat ears. Chani's ears are very similar to yours and Sir's. I'm glad to hear you are healthy too!

    Chani, 9 and their human

  17. That other kitty in the window is gorgeous. We are so glad that you are healthy. It is wonderful that Tommy was there for you on your trip to the vet. Sir has very advanced frootbat skills.

  18. So good to hear all is OK with you. Tell Tommy we said woo to him.

    Not sure what a frootbat is, but he sure is cute.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  19. Tama we is glad yoo is super de dooper! Little Sir is doin well in da frootbat trainin we fink.

  20. My goodness you are some of the cutest ever baby cats! Your photos make our Mom want to go adopt some kittens.

    Take good care of your little selves!!!

    The Whippy Curly Tails

  21. I am so happy to hear my princess Tama-Chan is all clear!!!
    And little sir you are going to be a heart breaker... hehe well you already is I am sure! :p hehe


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