Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: As you know, things have been pretty lively around here and, on Sunday, we had a visit from Uncle U and ViVi. Now he pretends to adore me but he in fact comes on a regular basis to torture me, and I need HELP!!! I mean, just look at this:

Yes, that is correct. My fur is being violently attacked and shoved up the wrong way and whilst he is at it, he's stealing large quantities of it! The things I have to put up with. Life really is too hard for me...

In case you're wondering, Tommy is moping around a bit. It's raining today, so, on top of the bandage, he had to put up with the indignity of the plastic bag wrapped around the paw this morning, and no stick throwing/fetching or playing with balls. Poor Tommy. #1 is off to Paris this afternoon for the opening of a friend's exhibition, so no major walkies for him today.

Yes, yes, yes, I know... You want more pictures of the little red wonder in the back room. I think he has just about completed his distance-learning degree in cuteness. Here he is, hamming it up with #1:


  1. Tama-Chan, it doesn't really look like you are being tortured too badly there. Perhaps you posted the wrong photo.

    Poor Tommy. No fun for you today! And Sir does have cute in spades! And #1 has to go to Paris? Oh, doesn't that sound like a hardship?

    Life is pretty good today at The Poupounette, unless your poor Tommy, of course.

  2. Poor Tama-Chan. The PM taught the wee ones early on, "Don't pet them that way! They hate it!". Not everyone has learned that though. Hope you got all the fur straightened out alright.

    Sir is in fine form again this morning. What a little love pig!

    We wish #1 a fun day in Paris and Tom a relaxing, healing day at home.

    Purrs, Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  3. Tama-Chan you have not lost your cuteness is the least, now it is just combined with your sweetness, which is a lovelier thing :)
    Little sir if just very cute as well, combined with little :)
    Tom buddie, hang in there, everyboddie understand that you has to wear the baggie! hehe

  4. Tama Chan, you're funny and no one can beleive you 're tortured ! When Tom is ready to run even with a plastic-band
    #1 need the trip to sniff Paris! Enjoy!
    ViVi & AB

  5. Tommy, we bet you wear the plastic bag with style!:)
    We hope #1 enjoys her day is Paris.

  6. Tama-chan, it looks like Uncle U is helping you shed your winter underfuzzies...and then you can take a long wash afterwards to get them all slicked back in the right direction. It's too bad that Tom didn't get to play ball or stick today, but it'll be good to let his paw heal. And yes, Sir is about to get a Ph.D. in cuteness! Hope #1 has a wonderful time in Paris!

  7. Tama-Chan that does look like torture! Nocat wants their furs messed up! Tell Tommy to chin up! I sure he looks adorable in his rain bootie! And speaking of adorable...Sir...he's just too cute!!!

  8. Pssst, we're not really visiting. Hi to all and lots of love. Get well soon Tommy!

  9. Dearest Tama-Chan thank you so much for my drugs you darling girl! I am eternally in your debt and hope to remain bombed out of my mind for a similar length of time! ;)


    PS: BG & LG are swooning over little "Red" yet again! Honestly they're just as bad as their mother...

  10. So I guess the Mother Ship will be leaving him with woo at some point?

    He is a bundle of khuteness!

    Sorry about your fur being snagged!

    Poor Tommy! Perhaps he khan find something fashionable to khomplement his khoat?


  11. Poor housebound Tommy with his sore paw and poor Tama with her unruly hairdresser! Looks like little Sir is the only one having a fabulous time (well, and #1 in Paris..."sigh!" says Mommy...)

    Tommy, did you see my red rubbers a few posts ago? Maybe we should get a set for you to protect your paws? Ask #1 what she thinks.

    Your pal,


  12. Poor Tama-Chan. Do you like that torture? Thats awful!

    Hope Tomm is feeling better if he can have a walk again.

    Have fun in Paris . The little red wonder is cute!

    purrs and woof
    Luna, Luzie, Olli and Patch

  13. Tama-Chan, it looks like your uncle is a champion scritcher! Daddy musses up my furs and then Mama always puts them back they way they should be. hee hee And Sir has a belly just waiting to be snorgled.
    Tommy, we hope your paw feels better soon.


  14. Well the little red one is pretty cute Tama-chan so thanks for the photo. Sorry to hear that you big brother did not get all the walks that he wanted.

    Your friend,

  15. Tom, maybe it's a good thing it's raining since you are Not Allowed to run around until your paw gets all better.

  16. Tama Chan you need a Zoom-groom!! Absolutely the best thing for that sort of hair issue. And it feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooood.


  17. Oh cats yer furs rubbed the wrong way??? Dat is not furry comfortable, we can see why yoo wud be upset a bit.

    Tommy we hopes yer foot is healin well so yoo can playplayplay!

    Of course the mom let out a SOOOOOOOOOOOOO KYOOOOOOOT about the mini mancat in training.

  18. Mummy complains of a sore head every time she visits your blog lately. I think it's because she keeps hitting her head when she faints from Little Red's cuteness!

  19. Tama-Chan--
    Maybe he was stealing your hair to make a wig and then he'll sell for a lot of money! You should demand a piece of the action!

    Poor Tom.

    Libamoli, aka Sir, is going to rule the roost, I think.

  20. Tama, darlin', I have to say I actually LIKE it when my mom scratches my furs backwards, but then, I'm a little "off" as they say. Your new little brother looks as if he'll be lots of fun for you. Tommy, I'm sure sorry you're bein' kept in on account of the weather and your wounded paw.

  21. Well your torture looks pretty nice to us.

    Little Sir is majorily cute. We can't wait until you get to meet him. We bets you are going to have lots of fun with the little guy. ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris


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