Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Toesday with Tama-Chan

Tama-Chan: It seems that I have an inordinate liking for keeping my toes together when I am sleeping. I like to make sure that everything is in order...

#1 says that I have grown a lot lately and that I am all leggy and lovely now!

We do not have any toe pics of Tommy today, so you will have to do with a regular "handsome boy" picture:

I suppose you are wondering about our visitors? Well, ViVi has gone home but the "others" are still there, behind the double set of closed doors. There is definitely something fishy going on and I am determined to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, I hacked into #1's camera again and there were more pictures of that little alien:


  1. You look like you're playing the card game 'Snap' with your toesies, Tama-Chan:) That has to be the cutest photo of young Sir, yet! What a darling he is:)

  2. Tama-Chan,
    You are definitely a very "neat" cat, in more ways than one! We were especially admiring the top of your tail. You are definitely becoming quite the Lady.

    We love that picture of you looking up. It makes us wish we could HUG you.

    We don't think the aliens are anything to fear, but they sure smell interesting, don't they? Maybe someday you will get a closer sniff.

    Abby & Stygia

  3. Such a little princess, Tama-Chan!!! Your toes are the best!!


    Maybe Sir is going to stay????

    Purrs Banshee

  4. Tama-Chan is beautiful.
    Tom smiles a happy smile.
    Little Alien is so cute.

    That makes me happy!

  5. Tama-Chan, you are definitely growing up to be a very long and slender, elegant young lady cat! Tom looks like he's ready for a happy run in the Spring sunshine. And little Mr. Sir is adorable...d'you think he might stay and live with you??

  6. Your curled up toes looks so cute Tama-Chan. My feet are very big and not nearly so pretty.

    Your friend,

  7. It's very important to have the proper body position for good meditation.


  8. All those toes are very useful for keeping an eye on that dark spot at the end of your tail. Why, mine is secured between my front two paws right now. I may need to give it a good chase later on.

    Never too old to keep that tail in line!

    You look very satiny in that sunshiney photo. Hubba hubba. And little Sir looks like he's making himself quite at home...

    Your pal,

    Mica (Petey says "Hi" too!)

  9. Tama-Chan, you look like poetry in motion. Tom, you look very huggable! And I suspect that the alien is going to stay, too. But he's a nice-looking alien!

  10. We love your toesies! Oh my goodness, Little Alien is soooo cute.

  11. Tama-Chan, I think your dark pads look very exotic with your beautiful red furs!

  12. Khute leggy pose - I do that a lot - only in a khanine way!

    Tank woo fur the HANDSOME Tom shot!

    I think woo better be on the look out fur the alien's ship!


  13. You are all especially handsome today! And that is the cutest picture of little red so far. Squeeeeeee!!!

  14. My goodness, TC, you are turning into a beautiful lady (I'm a bit of a leg man).

  15. Look at those adorable petal paws!! It is a cute alien..


  16. We got all distracted by that last picture. The "alien" is over the top in the cuteness department.

    And it takes a lot to outshine you guys!

  17. ohhh Tama chan! mai mom not stop saying awww, ahhh looking at your pictures...

  18. We love your feeties!!

    And that kitten is soooo very cute!

    We fall more in love with her each day!!

  19. Tama-Chan you have very nice toes! Do you think Sir is moving in with you? He sure is cute!

  20. What a wonderful grouping of toes! and Tom always looks like he's having fun...and babies are interesting...then they become friends...that's the best part!

  21. Tama-Chan, I know I've said it before, but you look like a small mountain lion.

    Tom, yes, you're cute (FOR A DOG).

    And that little pipsqueak has got quite the personality.

  22. Those are cute toesies, Tama-Chan! And Tom is a very handsome boy, too!

    I wonder what's going on with that alien???


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