Saturday, 28 March 2009


Tom: These are not our favourite posts, but we find ourselves once again saying goodbye to a friend. Remember KARMA, our meezer friend who went to the Bridge on Monday? Well, it is with great sadness that we have to tell you that his brother TASHI also made the journey yesterday.

His mistress and friend, Ms. L says "He was such a great guy, fierce and gentle, alpha kitty and cuddler. I'll miss him forever. I think he just missed Karma too much to go on living without him. They had been inseparable for 17 years."

Our #1's overwhelming memory of the two brothers was of them stuffed into a single bed that somehow seemed the exact right size to accommodate them both:

These two were true brothers, always together. We are so sad that they have now gone, but like to imagine them well and strong again, frolicking at the Bridge with all the other cool cats who have gone before them. Run Free, Tashi and Karma!

Once again, we hate to leave you with too much sadness, so we will end this post with a photo of the new life that is bubbling up in the back room...


  1. Oh my dog, that has to be rough. Give Ms. L lots of cuddles and nose kisses for us. And #1 too.

  2. We are sorry that Tashi had to leave. We are sending big purrs to Tashi and Karma's mum. We imagine them playing together with Sen-Chan at the beautiful Bridge.

    It was a nice choice to finish your post with young Sir. No matter how low we might feel, it is important to remember that life goes on.

  3. Hi Tom kun, Tama chan and "Sir".
    They are very beautiful cats.

  4. That is terrible news. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I feel especially bad for Ms. L. It sounds as if Tashi just wanted to be back with Karma and they are both happy now at the Bridge. But the ones left behind must be so incredibly sad. Please pass along my purrs.

    Thank you for reminding us about the circle of life with the lovely picture of Sir.

  5. That's horrible news. Hugs and purrs to Karma and Tashi's family as I know this must be hard for them.

  6. We think Ms. L is absolutely right - Tashi missed Karma too much. Soft purrs for Ms. L. She must be beside herself with missing them.

  7. It must be true: He just couldn't get on without his brofur. 17 years is a long time and they always had each other! Please send our purrs to their mom, ours can only imagine how hard it is to lose your furbabies after such a long and joyous time.
    Gentlest purrs to her.
    Little red is the cutest - good thing he doesn't participate in the Kitty Fight Club.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  8. There has been a lot of sadness this year. so sorry to hear about Tashi. We have been so sad in 2009.
    Sir....what cuteness!

  9. That is so sad to lose two sweet companions, but just like humans, sometimes the bond is just so tight, it defies mortality. And OMG H-Mom is having rumblings of "cat lover" again with that sweet face of Sir. He looks so vibrant!

  10. Sorry fur the need to paw a sad post but I'm sure they've found each other and snuggled -

    Woo did end the post on a happier note by inkhluding the alien khutie!

    The big day is getting kloser!


  11. Oh no! That is so sad! We will purr for their family.

  12. Little "Red" is looking good! :) My Mummy was sad to hear of your friends passing, they both looked a lot like her old Meezer girl Barbie-Q, so maybe they'll have fun playing with her over the bridge...

  13. we are so sorry about your two friends going to the bridge. we think that they are now together again, and that's how they wanted to be. they sure were beautiful kit kats.


  14. I am so sorry that Tashi had to go to the Bridge, too. But at least he will be reunited with Karma again. My sympathies on the loss of your friend.

  15. Oh this is so sad. Meowmy is leaking all over me and making snorfing noises. We read in your post earlier this week that it was Tashi who had been sick for a year, yet it was Karma who went over the bridge first with chronic renal failure. Our hearts break for Ms. L losing her two dear boys, yet we are thankful that Tashi did not have to live on without his brother.
    comforting purrs from Louie and the rest of the quiltcat gang
    P.S. Thanks for the lovely picture of Sir...the circle of life continues!

  16. How sad about Tashi. I'm sure they are happy playing together at the bridge though.

    What a beautiful photo of Sir. My how he is growing!

  17. That is so sad for his Mummy losing both her babies, but Tashi obviously couldn't bear to be without his brother.

    Thanks for cheering me up with the pic of the Ruddy Wonder.

  18. I am so sowwy
    They wewe gowgeous and needed to be togethew..they will be waiting fow theiw Mom ovew the Wainbow Bwidge..I'm glad they have each othew.
    Thank you fow the happy pictoowe at the end..thewe is too much sadness.give theiw family ouw love pleez
    smoochie kisses

  19. Brothers for ever and ever and ever..

  20. Having spent several months cuddling and caring for these beautiful brothers, we know how much they were loved by their mistress, and share her sadness at their loss. We do hope someone "over the bridge" gives them plenty of lap time, petting, and an occasional bite of chicken. Au revoir, sweet boys.


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