Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Woofie Wednesday


Ollie: Woofs Everyone! Ollie here! It's getting very hot again and so #1 is being careful about when I go out. Early mornings are still OK so I like to potter around the garden.

This photo was taken at Ms. C's which explains all the hay on the ground!

I also wanted to share this great photo of my flying ears taken in the big field the other day:

You can see how dry everything is. France is having its worst drought since records began. #1 is trying to make sure that our wild birds and little critters have water to drink. She has a couple of bowls on the ground, with stones in them, so that the littlest ones don't drown, and she put up this low-cost water dispenser. It's hanging on the big cherry tree:

Here is a nice head shot of me to wrap things up:


  1. we have yellow and brown grass too ... it is odd to see the land that way... sigh

  2. Lovely post Ollie! So nice that #1 is taking such good care of the birdies and little critters! We hope that you soon get some rain!

  3. Our temps are in the low to mid 20C range and most of the week is overcast with a possibility of rain. Not that it matters to me as I am indoors ;)
    Stay cool Ollie! I like our curly furs!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Our fields are the same, parched and brown. That is a good photo of your flying ears, Ollie.
    I am putting fresh water in the birdbath every day and the sparrows are in there all the time the finches have to queue up, but the robin chases them all off when he wants to get there! The blackbirds and thrushes use the water feature because it is deeper and they like to get right down in it. One blackbird like to stand under the water where it runs out over.

  5. It's nice to see you enjoying yourself, Ollie!
    Here's hoping the rains come early this year.

  6. Sorry you are so hot and dry. We had that 10 years ago and again a couple of years ago. Stay cool.

  7. great idea with the water for the birds, your head shot is beautiful and I love your paws out in front of you in the hay shot...

  8. We were very parched in July, but so far August is being kinder. Hope you get some needed rains, soon.

    Nice picture series, Ollie!

  9. Ollie, you and #1 are really helping all the creatures have something to drink. I'm proud of you and by the way, great flying ears!


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