Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Tama's Terrific Birthday Celebration Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends, and welcome to a very special Tama-Chan Tuesday post. Today is my 14th birthday! I don't know where the years have gone. Do you? I was lucky to come and live at Poupounette Central when I was still a very little girl. Here are a couple of photos taken when #1 first met me:

I was so lucky to have Tommy as my best friend for many years:

Many of you know about my boy, Da Beebs. But I also had a little girl whose name was Ehime. She went to a nice couple but we never heard from them afterwards. I hope she is doing well:

Because I am The Queen here, one day, #1 put this fabulous diamond and platinum necklace on me!

And yes, my boy, Bibi, stayed with us. I am sad that he left soon after Tommy, back in 2019.

There have been so many lovely portraits over the years.

I started my dangling career about five years ago:

I always enjoy sitting out in the cat run:

#1 says I have really mellowed with age. I love to pur with her, sit with her, and snuggle with her.

And I know how to relax:

The arrival of that little Benny last year was a shock. Genji was such a gentle soul and this one is a real ruffian, but the addition of little Momo to the family recently has diverted his attention away from me, and life is much more peaceful again!

I love my life. #1 says that I am entering my golden years, but I have always been golden, so what's new?

I am planning to be around to help her with her work and with the blog for a long time to come!

#1 here. Sweet Tama, you are the soul and the memory of this blog, and my treasure. Your presence in my life makes every day brighter and fuller. I wish you Many, Many Happy Returns of this day, with all my love, as well as naughty miaows from Benny and Momo, gentle woofs from Ollie, and soft neighs from Vidock, Violette, Hotesse and Heloise.



  1. happy birthday sweet 14... have a super day and enjoy all da love and da treats

  2. Happy birthday to you, Tama! I hope you have many, many purrs ahead.

  3. Happy birthday sweet Tama. You were a pretty little baby who grew into a beautiful lady.

  4. You are golden - happy birthday Tama-Chan!!

  5. Happy 14th Birthday Tama!!!!
    It is always a joy to see you.
    You really are a pawsome Cat and the queen of Poupounette Central! Long may you reign :)
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Happy TamaDayTuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie!

  7. Happy, happy Purrthday Tama. Queen, the most exalted lady cat! You and I are the same age and life is grand to be with our humans who love us.

  8. Happy Birthday, Miss Tama-Chan! We hope you have many happy returns, too.

  9. Tama, yoo r da Queen!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Tama-Chan, and wishing you many more to come.
    Love your baby pics.

  11. Happiest Birthday beautiful Tama-Chan! Those photos were are super special.

  12. Happy Birthday beautiful Queen Tama ! We wish you a wonderful celebration, and many many more to come ! Purrs

  13. HappyBirthday beautiful and precious darling girl. More to come. Love you.

  14. Happy Purrthday Queen Tama ! And many more !

  15. Charlee: "Happy big one-four, Tama-Chan!"
    Chaplin: "Many happy returns!"

  16. Tama-Chan, I am sorry I'm a day late coming by to wish you a very happy birthday. I purr that your day was as special as you are. ~Ernie

  17. Happy Belated Birthday greetings from us, too!
    You are very special and SO loved!
    We hope you have many more celebrations!


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