Sunday, 14 August 2022

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends, and welcome to our Snuggles on Sunday post, with the occasional selfie thrown in! I have a couple of nice snuggle pics with #1 for you this week to kick things off:

And we had a nice visit this week from Ms. H and Mr. M, so I spent time snuggling with Mr. M

Whilst Ms. H was enjoying snuggles with Ollie:

The Poupounette's golden senior, Mama Hotesse, has been suffering from the terrible heat and her worsening arthritis. We have been taking special care of her, but we fear that maybe we will be saying goodbye to her before too long. She and #1 took a great selfie together yesterday:

Here is a fun early morning shot of #1 sandwiched in bed by Ollie and Benny:

And a mega-cute one of Benny and Momo snuggled up together:

And another:

To round things off, here is a snuggle selfie with #1 and The Big V:

Wishing you all a snuggly Sunday with your loved ones.


  1. What sweet snuggle pics this week.

  2. They are all lovely snuggles. I am sorry Hotesse is struggling with this terrible heat. I know I suggested Arnica tablets before for Hotesse' arthritis but your vet said it wasn't effective for heavy horses. I gave it to my Cleveland Bay and although it didn't have the miraculous results it had for my TB, it did help him a lot.
    The photo of Benny and Momo snuggling made me look twice. At first I thought Momo had some previously unseen black patches, then I realised it was Benny's feet cuddling around him.

  3. the snuggles are so sweet. I am so very sorry to hear that Hotesse is having health issues. hugs to her and to all of you and prayers going up for her to feel better

  4. Such great snuggles! Benny holding Momo made me laugh :)
    I am sending lots of purrs to dear Hotesse.
    Vidock and #1 are looking good :)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. What pawsome snuggles - though we are sad to the news for the beawootiful HorseMomma - please see that she gets many many nore snuggles -

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - enjoy your longer weekend and khooler wetter weather!
    BTW, the turquoisie khollar is from TSC!

  6. Great snuggle pictures ! We're so sorry to hear about Hotesse struggling with this awful heat and arthritis ; we hope she feels better the next few days when the temperature cools down. Purrs

  7. What great snuggle pictures of all of you. We have our paws crossed that Momma Hotesse will be as comfortable as possible in her remaining days, however long it may be.

  8. We adore seeing snuggles!
    Purring for Hotesse, and that the heat wave will break ASAP.

  9. Those are all such wonderful snuggles but we're sure sorry that dear Hotesse is having such a tough time.

  10. You live in a house chock full of snuggles. It can't get any better than that! What a bunch of cutie-pies! We hope your Hotesse can manage to get past this heat. Perhaps she will fare better in the fall. I know the heat makes me swell up which doesn't help an already painful condition. I always feel better when cooler weather prevails.

  11. Meow wow efurryone lookss so comfy cozy Tama!! #1 it iss so sweet to see how you snuggell with Tama Chan an deer Hostesse....shee iss a beeutee an of coarse Mistur Vee...that iss Vidock mee thinkss? An Benny an Momo are so grown up now...
    #1 yore so purrty an have such a sweet smile! Wee sorry wee not been here inn so lon...BellaSita Sistur ahs been sick fore all of July an still sick. Pleese due not ive up on us...thanx fore vissitin us today =^..^= ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Sistur

  12. Pee S: THE werd shuud bee 'give' ~~our 'g' key stickss. An Ollie mee frend you look marvellus mee Poochie frend :)

  13. We hope the heat lets up for the sake of all the people and animals, not only Hotesse. We send her purrayers and Poweer of the Hoof to feel better.

  14. Lulu: "Snuggles here ..."
    Charlee: "Snuggles there ..."
    Chaplin: "Snuggles snuggles everywhere!"
    Java Bean: "I'll stick with just snuggling my Mama for now though."

  15. Those are some pawsome snuggles this week!

  16. Sweet sugggles.
    We send our love and soft arroos for Hotesse.


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