Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Womanly Wednesday Whinnies


Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! Given that the boys get their weekly  manly post each and every week, Heloise and I decided to hijack today's post to tell you more about our adventures this past week with Mr. T. We had so much fun with him!

On Saturday, Ms. C and Mr. T decided to take me and The Big V for a ride. It was hot but #1 had found the nicest place with trees and shade, and so we headed off there. #1 said I looked so pretty! At first, it was Ms. C who rode me:

#1 had put that beautiful Platinum Jubilee horse brass on my bridle!

It was fun zigzagging around the trees with The Big V!

And then they swapped horses, and Mr. T rode me.

The place where we were is right next to the now disused local train station, so we took a souvenir photo before heading home!

Heloise: I also got to do all kinds of fun stuff with Mr. T! He became the first ever person to sit on my back!

Notice the stuff around my neck? They are beginning to prepare me to take part in an amazing Japanese festival in September (The Vs will also take part) and the decorations we will be wearing have lots of bells on them, so they are getting me used to the sound, and also to having stuff on my back.

We are all pretty excited about this. Lots of people will be coming from Japan!


  1. It was nice for you and Vidock to go out riding together. You look lovely with the Jubilee horse brass.
    Heloise, you did very well with Mr.T on your back for the first time. It is exciting that you will take part in the festival with the Vs.

  2. oh oh ooooh! that are super news... and we look forward to see you in that festival...

  3. Lovely post ladies! You look very regal Violette!
    So happy for you girls and the excitement ahead with the lovely Japanese visitors!

  4. As they say, GIRLZ rule and BOYZ drool!

    Which I'm sure for horsediggiez is lots!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie!

  5. Sounds like you had a good time with Miss C and Vidock too Violette:) Girls need to have some un as well ;)
    That Japanese festival in September sounds exiting! So cool that you and the other horses will be involved :) Looking forward to that event!
    Purrs, Julie

  6. this is so very interesing, they are so beautiful and I love hearing about what they do. Hubby said his grandfather had three of these horses, named them Tom, Dick and Harry and they worked by his voice commands. that was back in the early 1900's here in USA . he said once his daddys car got stuck in mud and he brought the two horses and they pulled it out like it was nothing

  7. Shade is wonderful on a hot, sunny day!

  8. What fun you girls (and Vidock) had with Mr. T and Ms. C. We can't wait to learn all about the upcoming Japanese festival you all will be in.

  9. That sure does look like a fun, fun time and the upcoming event sounds wonderful! Y'all do look fabulous!

  10. Oh, hey! Now I know what that horse head decoration I found in my father's belongings after they went to heaven...its a horse bridle brass!

    You gals are going to have even more fun later!


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