Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

It's COLD over here! When we got up this morning, it was -7 celsius (about 20F) and everything was white. We did go out into the run to see what frost felt beneath our feet but I have to tell you, indoors is best on such days! Look at the (somewhat neglected) bird bath!

It's been a busy day for #1 as our house-sitters arrived early afternoon. They are really nice and I think we're going to have a great time with Mr.S and Ms.L! They went off to meet Vidock and Viking this afternoon! Here they are with Viking:

Oh, what's that? You were hoping for some photos of me? Yes, that would be nice, wouldn't it? If #1 had actually taken any... I fear this is the best I can offer of recent vintage:

She has promised me a proper photo session when she gets back...

So, it was supposed to start snowing tomorrow but now they're saying Thursday. Maybe it will hold off until #1 leaves. It's actually beautiful here at the moment. Look at this photo she took yesterday:

Oh and guess what? It's 15C (60F) in Tokyo at the moment so now she's stressed out about what clothes to take. Fur is so much easier!


  1. It does sound cold by you. It was cold here last week. Stay warm with your pet sitters!

  2. Brrr! That's cold! We hope the housesitters are wonderful and that #1 has a great time in Japan.

  3. Ooh, it does sound cold!

    That last photo is beautiful. Mom is getting this dreamy look in her face. She always gets like this when the travel bug bites her... sigh...

    We love your vintage photo, Tama-chama... you look beautiful as ever!

  4. Hi Tama-Chan! Oh that is too cold - we think you were brave to check out the run, but smart to go back in where it is warm! We are glad you like the housesitters - we hope that all the prep goes well for #1 and that the snow wait for her to leave!

  5. We like the cold, but then we have way more fur than you do Tama-Chan. Stay warm and we hope the weather is good for #1's flight.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. It may be cold right now where you live, Tama-Chan, but it's also beautiful! And aren't we lucky that we don't have to worry about clothes packing, much less traveling!

  7. Awesome photo of your day there, #1. We hope the snow holds off for your departure. It is very cold here too AND windy. We are hoping to convince wimpy Mom to take us for a walk soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Ya know, I have to say that I used to think it was pure, intolerable sufferance that we would have to get out of our warm beds and walk to the litterbox located on a cold tile floor, but since I see that The Wood has to GO OUT IN THE SNOW to do his business, well, I figure that we don't have it so bad afterall...but still!! You guys stay inside and leave that cold (albeit PRETTY) outside for the dawgs. My pods (paws) are just too fragile to even THINK about going outside!! I'm sorry your Mom is leaving again...dang, you must have to have some serious snuggle sessions with her in between her globe-trotting. I wouldn't be happy if our Mom left us so much..not happy at all. Good luck with that. Purrs to the whole house, Lautrec, Tiny and The Wood

  9. Frosty toes only sounds fun for about 10 seconds, Tama-Chan! Although it is nice to get some fresh air in your furs.

    We think you will have a good time with your pet sitters...you'll have TWO of them to wait on you paw and paw!

    Tell #1 to pack light, and buy stuff there. That's what our Mommy does. The last time she went to Hawaii she packed two swimsuits, a pair of shorts, and some undies!

  10. I would SO be in your run enjoying those pawesome temps!

    It is nice woo have nice humans to watch woo!

    Mom was the same way as we tried to pakhk fur MN and IA!

    Paws khrossed #1 will make is safe and sound and SANE too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  11. Oh how your #1 is going to enjoy Japan and I am sure the house sitters will be great. We have got lots of the dreaded white stuff here and I dont like it.. HUgs GJ x

  12. Tama-Chan, that's cold and we've had it just as cold here the last few days which is really unusual for November in Ireland. Have a great time with your housesitters.

    We hope #1 has a safe trip - Tokyo - WOW, Murray is so jealous! His auntie Maire and uncle Kevin were over there two weeks ago on a business trip and their photos were amazing. Murray has always wanted to go - to see the cherry blossom - a certain purple dinosaur named Barney is responible for that! He was also anxious to know if they had gone to Disneyland Tokyo (which of course, they hadn't) - he was so unimpressed with them over that but he did love all the photos they took!

    Anyway, have a great trip #1.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  13. We sure hope you stay warm. It looks icy cold there. Bet your house sitters will be fun. Those peoples tend to give more treats
    Benny & Lily

  14. Bbrrrr! Looks/sounds SO cold! The bird bath looks really pretty with all the leaves frozen in it! I think you guys would need a warm fire as well as fur to keep warm!

  15. Loving the green eyes in that photo. And oh my...it sure does look cold there. BRR

  16. Hello, loves. Brr! Time to stay inside and cuddle in your blankies and get to know the new sitters. Your mum needs to stress to the sitters that if one of you runs away outside, it is most important that they find you and bring you back inside immediatly. This cold weather is dangerous.
    We hope #1 will have a lovely time. We will certainly miss seeing our precious friends. And you know, our mum will worry about you until your mum is home again ( she's just that way).
    Have a warm and cosy day.

  17. My parents are off to Indonesia where it's 30C every day at the moment. I don't think they have to think to hard about which clothes to take.

  18. It's lovely and warm here. Why don't you pop over for a spot of sunbathing with me?!


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