Monday, 15 November 2010

Manly Monday and Thanks

: We would like to start by saying thank you for all the lovely notes on Polka Dot. She will be greatly missed and remembered always. We have some of her wool at home! Our greatest wish now is that all of our friends who are unwell get better. Aside from our Blogosphere friends who have been sick, we also have neighbouring doggies who are unwell. We are especially crossing our paws for Sam, an elderly lab cross who has been having serious behavioural problems and really worrying his owners. He is starting new medication and behavioural training and we hope it will all work.

As you know, the weather has been stinky here ever since #1 got back. It doesn't bother me as I am a true all-weather woofie, but the wind made it hard to throw the Frisbee!

But #1 did manage to catch a catch!

And I bet you've been missing my flying ears!

Sometimes, when the weather is bad, the only thing to do is hang with your brother...

Bibi-Chan: #1 has been successful in foiling my escape attempts since my "Houbibi" post. She's getting craftier... I wonder what I can think of next....

In the meantime, I like to appear relaxed, just to give her the wrong idea (HeheHe...):

Vidock: Hi everyone! It's good to be back! With the really stinky weather, my brother Viking and I have been indoors. We have a huge box that is open on one side so we can see out, and there's LOTS of nice fresh straw for us to lie in. It's so good to be out of the train!

#1 brought me a very handsome head collar and lead rein from the States. And guess what? She had a baseball cap embroidered with my name! And also.... She found a picture of my great-great-grandfather (actually, we call them "grandsires"), a famous American Percheron Stallion called South Valley Did-It and he had the exact same snip (nose) mark that I have!!! Can you see?

Wasn't he a handsome guy? In other news, the farrier came and I got a hoof trimming. I was good as gold. It is very manly to know how to behave when the farrier comes!


  1. Tom... you do look like my Oliver. Great to meet you and thanks for coming by!

  2. It seems ages since we had seen a Tommy's flying ears picture - tell #1 we need more of them!!
    Bi-bi-Chan - we are delighted to find that you are getting to be a bit sneaky with your escape plans -it's the only way!
    Vidock it was nice to see a pic of your great-great-grandfather - he was handsome too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps Can we have some lady pics tomorrow please.

  3. Tommy, we always enjoy seeing your flying ears!! Good catch there!

    And Vidock, you sure came from good stock...your grandfather was handsome. We can't wait to see your new cap!

  4. Nice catch Tommy! We had really missed your flying ears!

    Bibi, we have no idea why you would want to escape your nice warm, dry home. Maybe you just want to explore a bit. You are a rascal!

    Hello Vidock! Stay warm and dry with your brother! xoxo

  5. Gosh! What a beautiful family you are!! All of you!! Tom, Bibi and Vidock...we (Tiny, Mom and Ellwood AND me) are all loving your pictures!! Everyone stay warm and dry!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and DaMeenDawg

  6. We are glad you are back to catching what with all that was going on! And Bibi--you will have to work at your escape arts too. After all it's important to keep humans on their toes.

  7. Great pics! Love to see everyone. Oh my the great grandfather was really something! How handsome!

  8. What a varied group of Men you three are! What fun. You are all so different, and so special in your own ways. You must give #1 many delights.

  9. It is good to see you boys being so manly and well behaved. We always love Tommy's flying ears (spaniels and setters have the best ears). Vidock's granddad is quite the handsome guy and we are sure that Vidock will take after him.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  10. Bibi,
    I highly approve of your diversionary tactics! Excellent method.
    Abby Normal

  11. Soo good to see Vidock and his grandsire! Yes, we do see that snip resemblance. And thanks for letting us learn a new meaning for the word snip.

    Tommy, you look wonderful out in the fields. Like you, the rain doesn't bother TD or Ciara at all, Phantom prefers to be inside and dry.

    Good boy, Bibi, no more escapes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Tom with ears flying, Bibi's escape plans foiled and Vidock comfortably with the farrirer (and looking quite handsome we might add)! Life is good! Now if we can only get all of the sick ones well.
    How lovely to have saved some of sweet Polka Dot's wool. When one of us passes, mum always gets some white quick drying children's clay and makes an impression of our paw print and takes a snipet of hair and puts them away. Later she will look at the little paw prints with love and tenderness.

  13. Tommy, it's so good to see your flying ears again! You are such a Good Boy to worry about all our friends. We will send some soothing purrs to your doggie buddy Sam.

    HouBibi, Moms get all these lofty ideas, but you may be able to foil her yet! I escaped my harness yesterday and wandered around the backyard NOOD until Daddy saw me!

    Vidock, your Grandpapa-many-times-over was quite the Handsome Man, and you will be too. Mommy loves your curly forelock!

  14. pee ess: That was me, The Baby, who was nood!

  15. Nice to meet you Vidock! Looks like you come from a rather handsome family!

  16. We loved that post - so much information! Tommy, your photos were wonderful! Bibi, glad you are being good and Vidock, we loved hearing about you and your family.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  17. I sure wish you lived closer Tommy...we could play Frisbee all day long. :)

  18. It's lovely to see you all and as a matter of fact, we DID miss Tommy's flying ears.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  19. What a handsome Great-great grandsire!
    I'm glad #1 is on to you Mr Bibi-Chan!
    Tom, you are a true all weather dog.
    Purrs and Prayers for all who are not well...
    ~Lisa Co9T

  20. Tom
    I love seeing youw flying eaws..I'm tewwibly sad that you had to say goodbye to little polka dot..Losing ouw fuwwy fwiends is always heawtbweaking.
    Please snuggle togethew all of you and stay safe
    smoochie kisses

  21. Nice to have your Manly Monday report from all of the manly creatures in France. Mum has been reading a book set in France, a real story set around the Reign of Terror.

  22. My first mare as a kid had the exact same spot-she used to love to have it tickled!


  23. Bet you could fly if you run a bit faster
    Benny & Lily

  24. So much manliness in one post ;) We're sure you'll manage to sneak back out soon, Hubibi - but if the weather is being bad, perhaps it's good to wait a little longer.



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