Sunday, 21 November 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

It has been a while since we did a Snuggles on Sunday post. When #1 was away, we enjoyed snuggling with Ms. P who was so good to us, and Ms. K who came with her for the first week. Now #1 is home and we have been snuggling with her. We feel so fortunate to be together and to be able to snuggle together. The Blogosphere has been full of so much sadness recently, and it makes us appreciate what we have. We had our own great loss just a few weeks ago, and we all miss Yuu-Chan terribly, but we are determined to live and love, and share with all our friends. So, Dear Friends, this week's snuggles are dedicated to all of you.

Actually, all of the photos we have for you today, with one exception, focus around Tommy who is the ultimate snuggle magnet!

First off, me and Tommy

And here is Sei-Chan with Tommy

And Bibi with Tommy

Can you even see him in this photo? Look for his collar!

And here are the two boys snuggling with #1.

We also have a special bonus for you today. Do you remember our little friend Tora who went to live with our Franco-Japanese friends? He made fast friends with his Siamese big brother, Kaze, and now he has a new kid brother! His name is Chibi (it means "little one") and he was a lost kitten before he was found and given a forever home by the Y family. Tora and Chibi get on really well!

One final note: First thing tomorrow morning, #1 is taking me and Sei-Chan in to see Dr. C. She says that, after what happened with Yuu-Chan, she has decided against any more kittens so we will both be having our operation. We expect to be home early evening. Could you spare a purr for everything to go smoothly for us?


  1. But of course - Tommy looks totally snuggable!

    We are so sorry about Yuu-Chan and wish everyone the best in the operation.

  2. We certainly will be keeping you in mind as you go through your operation. Both Simone and I had the same thing done and it was a breeze. I hope it goes as easily for both of you.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Tommy looks like a great friend to have - so snuggly and warm.

    We will think of you tomorrow, and send pawsitive vibes your way!


  4. We will keep you in our thoughts and purrs while you are having your "procedure." I do not even remember what happened when I had mine!

    I think Tommy is the best snuggler dog of all time.

  5. You look so warm and snuggly - it's lovely! I had a snuggle-sleep next to Äiti last night and today we are all snoozing and having a relaxed time. Perhaps we need to be with those we love when there has been such sad news recently.
    Good luck tomorrow with the operations - we are sending purrs to you and will be keeping paws-crossed firmly. And we look forward to hearing how it has gone. I don't know what it is like for girlcats, but I know I came back from the vet without a couple of important things that day. But I cannot quite remember what they were......

  6. Good luck for your operations, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan. While we would love it if we had a chance to see the chronicling of another batch of kitties, we do understand #1's decision. Hope your furs grow back quickly!

    Super snuggles with Tommy, and how wonderful about Tora-Chan's new sibling.

  7. We would like to snuggle with Tommy too. He looks so warm and silky.

    Paws crossed for successful operations. You won't feel a thing and will be running around in no time.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Thank you for the snuggles, we can never get enough of them.

    That was a big decision #1 made about no more kittens. We know it wasn't an easy decsion to make. Best of luck at the Vet and with your procedures.

  9. Thank you for the snuggly photos - they made us feel a little warmer as it's very chilly here today. We will be thinking of Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan tomorrow having your ladygardenectomy procedures - it's a shame you will lose a bit of your pretty furs when it has turned cold - still it's a good excuse (if you need one) for a snuggle with Tommy and Bibi-Chan.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xcx

  10. Lovely snuggles - it is not surprising everykitty wants to snuggle with Tommy - he is such a nice boy.

    You are so right, too much sadness around lately. We hope for happier days ahead for all. We will be thinking of Tama-Chan and Sei-chan for their surgeries and hope that all goes smoothly.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. We love how you guys do snuggleies. Good luck tomorrow
    Benny & Lily

  12. Purrrrrs on your lady gardenectomies--Harley (of Daisy the Curly Cat) explained all about that, so we're sure things will go well for you. :)

  13. it is always a pleasure to see you all snuggling.
    I'm sure everything will go smoothly tomorrow!

  14. Wow! Tommy looks warm and furry. I never got near someone of the doggie persuasion before, even though I have a lot of internet doggie friends.

  15. We're happy to help with purring and will focus our purr energies on a safe and successful "procedure" tomorrow. I know I pouted after mine, but only for a couple of days and now I don't really remember it.

  16. We enjoyed your snuggle pictures immensely. We have been snuggling a lot lately too, it makes Mommy feel better about the kitties who have gone over the Bridge.

    We will be thinking of you two and your procedures tomorrow...really, the worst bit is the starving beforehand.

  17. Tommy is one lucky dog! Sending you purrs from the Nip Patch =^..^=

  18. I will be thinking of you and that all will go well with the surgery. Thanks for the snuggling post. Always nice to see what good friends you are.


  19. Oh sweet Tommy. What a fine doggie you must be for the kitties to love you so much. Bless you, love.

    Our prayers and purrs will be with you as you go to surgery. It is sad that such surgery is necessary but we must accept that it is for the best. Because cats hide their pain well, our mum always asks for pain control medication for us before we go home.Better to have it and not need it, as the old saying goes. We know you'll. Keep us posted.
    How happy we are to see the lovely new kitty. Our mum's favourite are the sleek, elegant house panther. We met a black kitty we didn't like.
    Sadness is everywhere, though. Our kitty brother will be helped to the bridge tomorrow.

  20. Oops! We meant to say we never met a black cat we didn't like.

  21. We hope and purr that both of you will have no trouble at your v*t.

  22. My human always complains that I lack snuggle-ability, which I think is unfair because I excel at so many other things! Tama, I am sending you and Yuu-Chan purrs for your procedures and hope that they so uneventful that you barely notice what happened.

  23. Snuggles any day are good days. Purrs that your operations go OK. We will think of you tomorrow and send purrs.

  24. It's so nice seeing you all snuggling!! And we are purring that everything goes well tomorrow for you and Sei-Chan.

  25. What a wonderful snuggling post. I'm purring for an easy operation and quick recovery.

  26. We love the snuggle photos.

    And we wish you the very best for your surgeries. We are sure that it will go just fine. And we fully support #1 in her decision.

    Hugs and purrs to you! Oh, and Chani and 9 got to eat tuna. Mom says that Grandma is a bit selfish and wouldn't share any sashimi if we had any hehe

  27. I could snuggle with Tommy too. I am sending my best purrs for you both!

  28. We are sending purrs and healing purrs for yoor operations.
    The snuggle pics are lovely.

  29. We are sending many many purrs for you ladies to have a quick recovery from your operations. I got in trouble for climbing the screen door the day after mine, and I bet you ladies will recover just as quickly.

    It is lovely to see Tora looking so strong and healthy. It is wonderful that he is having such a great time with his brothers :)

  30. Dearest furriends, we admire your determination to love and live on and we do feel your strength to do so through your bloggie. All our paws are crossed ever so firmly for your surgery to go well. We're thinking of you!
    Many, many purrs,
    Siena & Chilli

  31. Oh and ps: How cool is that new brofur of Tora-Chan! Please give him and his family our greetings.

  32. You may be in surgery now or it may be already over nut know our prayers and purrs are with you at this very moment.

  33. Aww ... Best wishes for all! King just got fixed & had his dew claws removed. He wore the collar of shame for 2 weeks & he didn't care! He used it as a tool to scoop up treats & toys!

    Hugs & purrs,
    Daisy Jiji & all

  34. Jocebean has been keeping me apprised of all the happenings with out blog friends, so just wanted to stop by and say hi to all! Good luck with the big operation, gals. It sounds like a reasonable decision to us --
    Purrs, wags, and hearty hellos from all your friends at
    The Rose Jugglers
    P.S. Tommy is so cute with Tama -- what a sweetie!

  35. You guys have snuggling down to a science :)


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