Monday 29 November 2010

Manly Monday

: We have been reading about all the snow in England on various friends' blogs and it is making #1 very nervous. Do you remember last time around, when she left for the States, and she was worried about all the strikes? This time, it's the impending snow. She is stressed again!

When we went out this morning, there was just a very light dusting of snow. Sen-Chan's "Fairy Tree" looked so pretty!

I am of course always eager to play, whatever the weather! That is what being manly is all about!

Bibi-Chan: In my last few days of kittenhood, I am of course still playing with the obvious things, such as the camera strap.

But as Mancatness looms, I have been considering more serious pursuits, such as helping #1 with the baking:

Or putting away the left-over roast chicken...

And of course, helping to make the beds...

It's looking pretty good, don't you think?

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. We've escaped the snow in England so far. But they say it is coming tonight. Mum has made sure she's stocked up on cat food. She doesn't want to get caught out like she did last year.

    Bibi, you're getting more manly by the day!

    Have a great snow free week!

  2. Tommy, I will be right over to play with you. I have never seen snow so I thinks playing in it would be FUN. ~Fenris

    Bibi-Chan, we loves the way you helped put away the roast chicken. We thinks we will give you a hand with that.

  3. Great photos!

    Lots of snow still here and we very rarely have snow in Ireland in November! Hope #1 gets away alright - not nice having to worry about travel arrangements.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  4. We haven't had snow yet in Sidmouth, Devon, England either ~ but since we have a micro climate here in Lyme Bay where we live, it's very rare. It's only snowed here, ONCE in ten years ~ and that was last year.

  5. We wish we had a bit of snow to play in but it is a bummer when you are traveling. You do look very manly catching your frisbee out in the fields Tommy and we are quite impressed with Bibi being on the kitchen counter with the chicken.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. Happy Monday! Hey! That tree looks like a giant broccoli.


  7. If it were wet here in our condo, we might have snow inside! It is so cold. Then again, we are wimpy Californians, so it is probably not as cold here as it is where you are heehee.

    Bibi, your bed making technique is quite admirable. Tommy, we think you are the best!

    9 and Chani

  8. Putting away the ro....roasted...chick...hen!


    Can I help?

  9. What wonderful pictures!!! We want it to snow cause we like to watch it from inside! MOL

  10. Tommy you are an all-weather dog, that is for sure! Bibi you are a good helper. We like how you "put away" the chicken!

    We hope the weather doesn't delay #1's trip. Stay warm friends!

  11. If there's too much chick-hen for you Bibi-Chan Hannah will be more than happy to help you clean up!!
    Great flying ears Tommy - we love them.
    What a pretty fairy tree that is - did you make a wish Tom?

  12. You are getting terribly serious Bibi. I think that all of this nervousness is a sign that your person should only ever stay home with all of you.

  13. You sure are busy BiBi-Chan. You must be tired after helping #1. no need to worry about all that snow. It will all melt in the end
    Benny & Lily

  14. Tommy you did some fabulous leaps! It's good to know nothing curbs your enthusiasm for play.
    Mister Bibi, we are envious of your leftover storing technique.

    I will have to come back later and browse through them again. Precious.

  16. Cute and wonderful pictures! That fairy tree looks magical.
    We had snow this morning too.
    Bibi Chan, we enjoyed much that picture with the left over chicken!!!

    purrs and hugs

  17. Hi Tom and Bibi! We have missed seeing you all since mom can't visit from work anymore! We hope that the snow won't cause #1 any problems with traveling. We know it can be a big problem so we will purr for it to avoid you all! You are both looking very handsome today! Please tell the girls we said Hi!!

  18. I wish I had some of that roast berd!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs and drools,

  19. A great khollekhtion of pikhs!

    Way to go Tommy!


  20. You are lucky, Bibi, that your human lets you help put away the chicken - for some reason mine does not want my help!

  21. The icky... S word :(

    Hope you have a great week as well.

  22. Mum would never let us get that close to a cooked chicken. Glad you didn't end up as a bed lump.

  23. Tommy, nothing stops you from having fun!! And Bibi, being a mancat means you get to snoopervise more!

  24. All those look like excellent pursuits, Bibi! Tommy, you are gorgeously manly as always. And Sei-Chan; I love the charming post about the fairy tree, which I had missed earlier! The fairy tree looks very magical dusted with snow. All you furries must keep #1 from getting too stressed!

  25. hey Bibi-Chan, did we see you lick the chicken? wowweeee, that's pretty exciting.

    hey Tom, you are looking so very handsome. we know that playing is top priority, no matter the weather, especially in snow. but we hope, for #1's sake, that it doesn't snow for her trip.


  26. Bibi, I don't know what #1 would do without your help!

  27. Bibi, as a mancat of nearly 4 years old, I am pleased to let you know that those activities don't have to stop when you turn 1 ;)

    Sen-Chan's tree looks positively magical with the snow dusting.

    We hope #1 has a totally awesome time in Tokyo! What a lucky lady :)

  28. Snow isn't that bad! Take it from someone who lives with it for about 5 months per year!

    Great photos of you two! I can't believe Bib-Chan got to nibble the chicken!

  29. oh! you can halps in the kitchen like i does! maybe someday we can exchange recipes, teehee. brrrrr, looks super COLDIES there!!!


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